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My interior design internship in Beijing - Aishah


Aishah started her interior design internship in Beijing this month and ironically comes to a country infamous for tea from a county infamous for the same.

I am from a town called Harrogate; it is situated near Leeds and York in England. An interesting story about my town involves a nearby bridge, which has collapsed twice. It has been predicted that the third time it collapses, it will be the end of the world. Harrogate is located inside a county called Yorkshire, which is famous for its Yorkshire tea.

I am 26 years old and I have flown an aeroplane a few times during my time at Air Cadets. I studied Interior Architectural Design and Applied Creative Design last year. I chose this area because I have always been slightly artistic and have always liked decorating and designing interior spaces.

I am interning at an interior design company based in Beijing, China. I look forward to having the opportunity to get practice as a designer in the industry, which I wish to work in. I will be researching and designing soft furnishings for interiors and am hoping to get some experience in my desired career path in order to get a job in this industry elsewhere. Also, I want to learn and improve the skills that I began to develop during my courses at university as well as meet new people and learn about another culture in an area of the world I have not yet travelled to.

I have wanted to visit China for a long time. As a child I read many autobiographies by Chinese authors and have always been interested in the Asian culture. From the beginning, China has been very industrial, and even more so now, with all the latest and innovative technology. It seemed to me, to be the best place to go to get some experience in the industry I would like to have a career in.

My preconceived notions of China are that it will be completely different from the UK with different weather, exotic food and even utensils. I have heard and read many things about the different culture, from how you greet to treating your elders and bosses. I believe that I will be learning a whole new way of life.

I chose Gi2C, Getin2China, for my placement because they were very helpful and prepared me for the experience with constant correspondence, helpful links and literature to give me insight into what I will be doing and seeing.

To prepare for my big move, I researched the things I would need and flight prices. And I also researched various aspects about China. When I told my family that I was interning in China they had mixed feelings. They were happy for me because they knew I would love it, but also sad because they would miss me so much and also slightly worried in case I liked it so much I would not come back.

The most I am going to miss about home is Yorkshire tea and my friends and family. The longest I have been away from home in the past is two weeks so this will be the longest time I will have been away from Harrogate, but I am very excited!

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