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My China Internship Experience - Christian W.


Christian has just completed his two-month Gi2C internship in the communications industry. His job was to assist in the production of design and branding for the company and clients.

One thing about his internship that he was surprised by was the amount of responsibility he was given from the onset. However, this trust kept him motivated to succeed and to increase his professionalism.

During his internship, Christian learned how to harness his creativity and passion and his organizational ability to create a powerful approach of satisfying both clients needs and time constraints.

Christian said, “While working in a Chinese environment, I learned that the eastern approach to design must be understood before incorporating western styles of design.”

His biggest challenge during the internship was a technical one. “As I am a Macbook user with my main input and output being Adobe software, PPT was something I always dreaded and had to do many of. Trying to fit Chinese and English on the same slide was a nightmare but in the end we all got it done in a timely manner.”

In terms of support from Getin2China, Christian told us that while he was able to figure most things out himself, just knowing Gi2C was there in case he needed anything gave him a sense of security.

Christian said, “My internship experience in China has been nothing but wonderful and inspiring. I have met many friendly people, started to learn Chinese, found out how much I love spicy Chinese food, and even have a Chinese girlfriend. People often talk about the ongoing pollution problems including air quality and rubbish everywhere, overcrowded streets, subways, and traffic. However, Beijing is really a beautiful city with inspiring architecture and friendly people who are generous and kind once you introduce yourself. This city has so much culture that is still alive today and you can feel that on every street corner in Beijing. To me, Beijing is a beautiful city of beautiful people thriving with culture and success.

The thing I liked the least about Beijing would be the smells of certain street vendors food or carts in the morning, but it surely woke me up.

To new interns, my advice would be whichever profession you are in, if you are inspired by culture or filling your mind with new and exciting things and want to learn to be more disciplined and powerful in your work, then I highly suggest coming to China for an internship. When beautiful minds come together, they create brilliant ideas and innovations. You could be next.”

What is next for Christian? “My future plans are to stay in China doing design and working on improving my Chinese. I originally meant to stay here for 2 months for experience, but experienced so much more than I planned on and will achieve my dreams and success here in Beijing long-term. I have acquired a job opportunity to stay here a year in Beijing and am currently going through the process of obtaining my Z visa.”

We’re elated that Christian’s Gi2C China internship lead to a full-time employment opportunity in China! For more info on how to intern in China, please email us at info@gi2c.org.

My Beijing Internship Experience with Gi2C
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