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Interning with an international finance company in Beijing


Yessenia’s family hails from Carazo, Nicaragua. She told us that the thing she enjoys most about her hometown is nature and the beautiful environment. One of the most interesting things she has done in her twenty-two years on this earth is riding a bull when she was little because her father used to own a farm.

Yessenia moved to California to study Business and recently graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Marketing. She chose to study in San Francisco because it is where she was born, and she loves the city!

She decided to go do an internship in China because the culture is very different from the culture in Nicaragua and the United States, so she wanted to learn more and this is what attracted her to intern in China. She will be interning with an international finance company in Beijing and will be maintaining contact with overseas venture capitalists as well as assisting customers over the phone, email or live chat in regards to international finance and trade. When asked what she would like to get out of her internship, Yessenia replied, “I am hoping to learn as much as possible about Chinese culture as well as what it is like to work in China. I want to come back to United States and be able to understand more how to do business in China, and understand cultural differences in a business setting. Before arriving in China, my notions about the country is that some people can appear to be mean because of the culture differences, but I know I can adapt to these culture differences. Another notion was that it might be really hard to live there because of the pollution.”

How did Yessenia find her internship?

“I chose Getin2China because I did some research on many companies and I saw that Getin2China was a good company with many good testimonies from past interns, so I decided to try it out.”

To prepare for the big move, Yessenia did as much research as possible about the company she will be working at, Chinese culture, and what it is like to live in China. Hopefully, she was able to find some useful information from the Gi2C blog!

Yessenia also did her homework in the area of learning Mandarin and arrives in China already having one semester of Mandarin under her belt. She told us the class was very challenging, but she wants to learn more. “Mandarin is a really hard language for me, so I anticipate many more challenges.”

It’s always hard to leave our family and friends, but sometimes we have to take that leap of faith. Yessenia said, “My mom didn’t want me to go at first, but after she did some research about Getin2China, she was willing to let me go with the condition of bringing someone with me to China, so I decided to bring my boyfriend with me. However, my parents are still really worried about me going to China. I will definitely miss my older sister, as she is the only family I have with me in the United States. Besides my sister, I will miss my friends, and the variety of food I can find in the United States. The longest I have been away from my sister has been 1 month, but the longest I have been away from my family in Nicaragua has been 5 years. However, I visit my family back in Nicaragua every year.”

We hope Yessenia enjoys her international finance internship in Beijing and look forward to hearing more about her experience in China!

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