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Five tips for a successful career


Whether you’re just beginning your career, starting an internship or still in school, now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to ensure a successful career. We recently interviewed a CFO to get her advice on the matter. Here are her top five tips:

1. Consistent, on-time arrival

Being on time shows people that you respect their time and also reduces stress. If you are consistently on time, people will grow to depend on you and give you additional responsibilities. As you receive more and more responsibility, you will quickly rise to the top.

2. Daily written goals

Without goals, you have no roadmap for how to accomplish the company’s strategy or your career objectives. You will get behind on projects and you will quickly lose sight of where you want to go with your career as you try to play catch up with your daily work.

3. Be on the same page as your boss so you are accomplishing the same goals

Make sure to have frequent conversations with the person who hired you (or whoever has the power to fire you). Understand what their boss expects from them as well as what they expect from you. This could be two different things and if it is, ask why. Figure out the working style and communication style of those around you and adapt your own as much as needed to be effective.

4. Be courteous and prompt with your communication

Not returning an email or phone call for several days can cause you to lose a client or offend a co-worker. Emails are especially notorious for being taken out of context as you don’t have body language to take a cue from. Remembering to be extra nice in your emails goes a long way in people’s opinions of you whom you have never met.

5. Acknowledge and show your appreciation to everyone

Regardless of whether it is the janitor, doorkeeper or receptionist, recognize and make friends with people at all rungs of the ladder. You’d be surprised at how much people at the bottom know and are willing to help. They are often the most genuine and trustworthy people you will come in contact with.

At Gi2C, host companies often tell us that intern candidates in Beijing and Shanghai who are able to do any or all of the above do very well during their internships. To start working on your very own successful career in China, contact us at info@gi2c.org.

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