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Meet Annie-Mei from Canberra, Australia – New Gi2C Intern in Beijing 798


Hi Annie-Mei! Tell us a little about yourself.

I live in Canberra, Australia now but growing up I lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland right next to the beach. We used to go surfing in primary school for summer sport because we could walk across the road from school to the beach.

I am 22 years old. Some exciting things I’ve done so far in life… I've been to a music festival in Serbia called EXIT, seen an active volcano on the island of Hawaii and was in Barcelona when Spain won the Eurocup final in 2012.

I studied a Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University majoring in Chinese (Mandarin) and Art History. I studied Chinese in high school and decided to continue with it. As for Art History, I came across it by accident when I took an Art History course as an elective. I really enjoyed it so I decided to major in it and it became my favourite subject.


What do you know about your upcoming Beijing internship?

I will be interning at a contemporary art gallery in the 798 District, Beijing. I know I will be a gallery assistant helping out with clients coming in to visit as well as helping out with new exhibitions. During my time in Beijing, I am hoping to expand my knowledge of art and to gain some connections with directors, curators and the artists themselves. I hope to look back on my time in Beijing with fond memories of the friends that I made and the places that we saw together.

My two majors at university were Chinese and Art History so it was logical for me to come to China. I also really wanted to practice my Chinese so the internship was a perfect opportunity. Since I lived in China briefly as a child, I already had an idea of what to expect. I remember writing a postcard to my pre-school teacher in Australia telling her that where I was living in Hangzhou was very dirty with big rats.


Why did you choose Getin2China to find a placement?

I was procrastinating from study back in my final semester of university and I came across Gi2C Group while browsing the internet. I was not ready to look for a graduate job and I wanted to travel so I began looking at internships in China. The gallery internship with Getin2China was exactly what I was looking for so I applied and was happy to get an interview.

To prepare for my move, I worked full-time for the last six months to save up for China but apart from that I didn’t do too much planning, just threw some things into my suitcase and left. In terms of how my family and friends felt about me moving away for a bit, my dad was happy for me but also sad. He is a single parent and I am an only child so I think it will be hard for him to see me move out. I am going to miss him as well and my dog Jazz, as well as eating Tim Tams and having Vegemite on my toast. I’ve lived abroad before but the longest I've been away from Australia was when I lived in Singapore for a year while my dad was working there.

Good news, Annie-Mei! Tim Tams are sold at Jenny Lou’s and April Gourmet!


How many mooncakes are too many?
New China Intern Joel from Slough, England

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