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New China Intern Joel from Slough, England


Joel A. lives in Slough, England. He grew up in London, Accra (Ghana) and Slough, 3 different locations. However, he has spent the most of his time growing up in Slough.

At a young 21 years of age, Joel has just completed a year's placement in one of the top multinational companies in the world, General Electric (GE). He is currently studying Accounting & Finance and his main influence to study this in this area came from his Dad, as he is a Charted Accountant. Joel says, “My Dad is so cool so I want to be like him.”

Joel will be interning at a Private Equity Firm in Beijing. How does he feel about his new adventure? “I am a bit nervous as I do not know whether I will be thrown into the deep-end or not. However, I look forward to taking on new challenges, to improve my overall personal character. I’m looking forward to having an amazing experience, and great networking opportunities. I also want to have a feel of what working in China really means, and if I am up to the challenge.”

As China is the second biggest economy in the world, Joel thought where else than China to obtain an international experience status on his CV. He heard that China’s economy is growing but it is still a developing country with many traditional customs, and as a result, he thought he might be in for a shock in terms of the standards of living that he will encounter.

We asked Joel why he chose Gi2C Group to find a placement and he replied, “They were so fast in getting back to me. I wrote to them on the Saturday, and they replied on the following Sunday. By the time the other agencies replied to me, I was already into the application process with Gi2C.”

To prepare for the move, Joel saved a lot of money and many friends also sponsored him. He also bought a book about how to think Chinese as well as a Mandarin language learning phone app.

Friends and family can have differing opinions about big decisions in your life. Joel told us most of his family were supportive, one or two told him not to go but ultimately he felt it was the right thing to do. While he’s in China, Joel told us he will definitely miss those back home and… his Xbox.

Don’t worry, Joel. They also have Xbox in China!

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Guest - Marcos Eliseu on Tuesday, 05 August 2014 11:46

Very informative and useful information. I will be joining China next year too and can't wait

Very informative and useful information. I will be joining China next year too and can't wait :D
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