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Prashanth From Mumbai Now Interning In China


Well-travelled Prashanth tells us the story about how he chose China to do his internship. Check it out!

"I come from Mumbai (Bombay), west coast of India, one of the busiest cities in the world. It is a diverse and colorful city which welcomes everyone with open hands and makes one feel comfortable and accommodating.

I am 22 years old and I have travelled to a lot of places like Ireland, Dubai, Switzerland, France, Turkey, The Netherlands, Belgium and so on. I am a travel freak!

I have done my Bachelor’s degree from University of Mumbai and completed my MSc International Business and Management from University of Manchester, UK. I am interested in the field of trade and international business, that’s the reason to choose that area. I will be interning as a Business Development Intern with CSCEE which is located in Beijing. I will be assisting in developing new relationships for potential partners and help in organising presentations and also help into market research and analysis.


I am hoping to gain experience of working within a Chinese cultural setting and gain better job prospects, preferably a full time working position at the same company I would be interning with. In the current world and as a leading partner of the BRIC nations, China’s importance on the global scale is increasing and it is very important to understand the local culture to have better business relationships. That’s the reason I decided to do an internship in China as it would be very challenging, especially where the culture and language, both are very different from Anglo countries. There is a vital roleplay of Guanxi in China which differentiates it from the West and having it is the most valuable possession, it has helped me with all sorts things in China!


I had a preconceived notion that China would be a very difficult place to set in and start a new life and it would be an altogether new experience of meeting people with different cultures, mindset and values. Language also was conceived as a great barrier for me. I believe that from all of my research, Gi2C was the most reliable and efficient company in getting interns the right placement according to their needs and aspirations. It has an efficient working model and well trained counselors to handle all your queries, no matter how stupid it may sound like!


Mental preparation was essential foremost, which was very important and secondly I was preparing and taking tips to understand how would it be life in Beijing. My family’s reaction was to go ahead and face the challenges, gain the international experience and make the best of the time in Beijing. They encouraged and motivated me to make new friends and work efficiently. I have been away from home previously for around 16 months while I was in the UK. I will definitely miss the Indian food, curries, the spices and condiments which are a rarity in Beijing. I will also miss the right-hand driven roads back home!"


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