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Hary Brun’s Shanghai Internship Experience

Hary Bruns recently finished up his Shanghai internship with Gi2C Group and talked with us during an exit interview of his experience.

Hi Hary, we're excited to hear how your time in China went! Let's jump right in.

What were your job responsibilities during your internship?

I was in charge of the marketing and sales procedures for the German market. I established business relations to new customers. I communicated with existing customers as well and monitored their orders.

What surprised you about your work?

I actually had no surprise about my work as I knew that once you are in a sales and marketing department, you are mostly expected to deal with customers, making sales and all of any possible related duties.

Overall, what did you learn during your internship?

I learned to adapt myself to the local culture. I needed to understand how different people think and act based on their own culture.

What difference did you notice working in a Chinese environment?

Working in a Chinese environment is not comparable to both working environment in any Asian culture and the western culture. Understanding Chinese conversation and its meaning behind it was one of the most challenging issues for me.

What kind of support did you received from Getin2China?

I got a great support from Gi2C in overall

Tell us about your experience in China. What was it like overall?

Amazing and interesting in every shape and form. Shanghai is a modern city and quite international so I did not feel anything missing at all overall speaking. I think the most challenging for me was the taking the underground. It is not that I did not like it but it was quite hard sometimes.

What advice would you give those who wish to do an internship in China?

They just need to prepare for the culture shock. They need to understand that China is another world and is completely different from other Asian countries they might have already visited in the past.

What are your future plans?

My future plans have to do with my profession, so I will be going anywhere where my job will take me.

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