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Anton Auerbach’s Internship in Shanghai


Anton was born in Frankfurt, Germany, but now lives in Naperville, Illinois in the United States. He's 21 and no stranger to adventure. Anton backpacked and rode a camel through the Gobi Desert this spring and also worked a summer in Germany. 

Anton is a Finance and Peace Studies double major. He told us, "I chose Finance because I thought it was the most applicable to my career goals and I chose Peace Studies in order to study about micro-finance, economic development and poverty reduction, which are some of my passions." 

Having just arrived in Shanghai, Anton will begin his internship in the Private Equity and Hospitality industries where he will be working on various tasks which include financial analysis, marketing, strategic development as well as anything else the team gives him. Anton hopes to learn more about the hospitality industry from an investment side as well as gain experience working in China. The end goal is to finish the internship with a job offer. 

Anton chose to intern in China after studying abroad in Shanghai this Spring. He told us he loved his time there and wanted to stay. After finding an internship through Gi2C Group that would further his career goals, he is using this internship to see if he could truly live and work in Shanghai long-term. "Gi2C Group gave me a better opportunity to find an internship in Shanghai that would fit my goals than I could find myself."

In terms of preconceived ideas about China, Anton tells us "China has a bad reputation for some things that are rather unfounded; however, the lack of queues or westernized customer service does become annoying." 

In order to prepare for his internship, Anton first came to China to study for three months and learn Mandarin. He has also been researching the hospitality industry and business in China. After several weeks of learning the language he says studying Mandarin is all about memorization. He feels if you put in enough time, it is not an extremely difficult language to learn sufficiently.

Sometimes it's hard for people to leave their family and friends. How did Anton's family feel about him being away for several months? "My parents both were expats for a decade across Europe. They figured that living abroad would be something that would excite me and concluded that China would be a fantastic place for me to truly make an impact. But I am missing some things about home. I am craving Deep-Dish Pizza and Chipotle (a restaurant in the US). I miss my family most of all. I have been away for 3 months multiple times. However, this trip will be in total 6 months, which would be my longest away from home."

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