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My Gi2C Internship Experience: Laura Catarrasa


Laura Catarrasa grew up on a well-known island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily. More specifically, Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy. She told us Sicily is something really unique and a place that everyone should visit. Laura is 26 and studied political science at university. She holds a bachelor's degree in international relations and a master's in global politics and Euro-Mediterranean relations. 

She will be interning in the metals and steel industry in Shanghai and working as a trading assistant, which requires specific but also general skills. Laura said "I can't wait to put my education into practice in such a challenging context. The job description really makes me curious about what the internship will really be like. I am enthusiastically jumping into this new experience." 

Laura is looking forward to learning how the international world outside of her home country actually works. She said "When accepting this internship placement in China, I thought I needed to do it to prove that I am brave and ready to take on new challenges in life. I do feel ready to have such a unique experience. I have explored different fields and dealt with related issues. Plus, I actually think this Shanghai internship has big potential to develop and take the shape of the dream job I have always wanted."  

Laura has always been curious about the Far East and fascinated by its culture, religion, and way of life. "I had the opportunity to know quite a lot of Chinese people, some from university, others from the various projects and exchanges I was involved in, and I found them to be a very interesting people. I am aware of China's major role in today's world and look forward to learning more about it from the inside." 

Laura chose Gi2C Group to find a placement because she was part of an association who basically did the same thing and knew that these type of organizations guarantee a quality experience. 

In order to prepare for the big move, Laura tried to stay relaxed despite the many, many things that need to be done before leaving. "I will get everything done! I'm excited to get to the point when I'm ready to go." 

Laura didn't sign up for Mandarin classes right away but is thinking of taking them later on after experiencing her internship first. "I love learning languages, and speak several European languages. I definitely want to also learn Chinese." 

Laura's family was understanding of her decision. "My family totally understood my motivations, and actually weren't really surprised. They knew I was ready for a big jump to a place I always dreamed of going after graduation, thus they expected some news like this eventually." 

Good luck with your career in Shanghai, Laura! 

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