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Alena Kozina’s Review on her internship with Gi2C Group

b2ap3_thumbnail_image002_20140331-074134_1.jpgAlena Kozina is a bit different from our typical first-time to China intern as she is beginning her internship already quite familiar with China. She will be interning in a Beijing company dealing with financial tools, stocks, and asset management. Alena is originally from Vladivostok, Russia and at the young age of 23, she already holds degrees from schools in Russia, Ireland and most recently a master’s degree from the prestigious Renmin University in Beijing, China.

Alena is not sure what exactly she’ll be doing day to day at her new internship in Beijing but is looking forward to staying longer in China. She has spent the last 3 years studying in Beijing and putting that education into practice in China is the natural next step. “My family has been coming to China for years since I was a child. We really like the country, the culture and the food. After I finished my bachelor’s degree, my family decided that staying and working in China would be the best way forward and would provide me with the opportunity to find a better job as well as improve my skills. Although it’s different to live in a foreign country, I have been away from Russia for most of my life, so I have trained myself not to miss most things back home… except for my mom's cooking that is!”

After living here for several years, we were curious what Alena thought of China. “It has a fascinating history, deep-rooted traditions, interesting cuisine and friendly people.”

Why did you choose Gi2C Group to find a placement? “This company has a solid reputation and a long history of working in China.”

What did you do to prepare for the big move? “When I first came to China, I has three suitcases with me because I didn't know what to expect!”

How did you like learning to speak Chinese? “Learning Mandarin at first was fascinating, because every day you could learn something new. But when my skills progressed to a more advanced level, it become more and more difficult to improve because reaching a professional level of Mandarin is more difficult than obtaining simple conversational skills. You need to memorize a great deal of vocabulary.”

We wish Alena the best of luck with her new internship and her future career.

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