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China Intern Testimonial: Josh Seerattan from Canada


Josh has recently arrived in China from the fine city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is 30 years old and studied international business, corporate social responsibility, and Spanish when he was in school. He will be interning with a public relations company in Shanghai and is not exactly sure all the details of his job but is looking forward to gaining marketable experience and contacts in the industry. He'll also be using the time to decide if he should remain in China after his internship or look for future entrepreneurial ventures in other parts of the globe.

Josh was interested in a China internship because he studied international business and thus wanted to launch his career in a city that is a hub for global business. "I figured if in the event there are no opportunities career-wise for me in China, I will at the very least be able to find some business contacts for my entrepreneurial pursuits. " Josh came to China last year, so is already somewhat familiar with China. He advises that travelers to new places to keep an open mind. "Based on my experience living and traveling abroad, the baseline of perceptions from a person’s home country are often not accurate, so I remain open to shape my perceptions based on first-hand experience."

It's sometimes difficult to initially get settled in China and find work. How did you end up choosing Gi2C Group to find an internship placement? "It was one of three options and the description in terms of internship opportunities sounded better." His family was supportive of his decision to work abroad but leaving the quiet surroundings and fresh air of his hometown is something Josh will miss during his adventure in China.

In terms of cultural differences, Josh mentioned that personal space was a big one. For example, in the metro or standing in a queue, people do not seem to mind being rather up close and personal. His initial impressions of Shanghai?  "Modern, big, and busy. It is a large metropolitan city and has a lot of activity for almost any and everything."  Josh has already tried the basic local foods such as rice, dumplings, noodles, pork along with other things that he has no idea what they are! Always good to be brave and try new things in China!


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