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China Intern Update: Hira Iqbal

Gi2C intern in Shanghai, China - Hira Chinese people are very welcoming and very helpful, I have had no trouble when it came to getting help for anything, if I was lost I got help from any young Chinese person. Most all young Chinese can speak a little bit of English so that's great, especially in Shanghai. My co-workers are very welcoming and they took me around the city on my first week.

I have seen pictures and read how advance Shanghai has become but actually being here is a totally different feeling. The public transportation system (metro and buses) have TV's installed and you can use your phones underground. It is very cold in public areas and even inside offices so sometimes you have to wear your coats or jackets while working.

My home town is Toronto one of the busiest cities in Canada but if you were to travel via public transportation for 1 hour and 30 min from one place to another you won't feel tired. But in Shanghai you get tired easily because the public transportation is always very crowded. But the city is well-connected.

I had the pleasure of going to a Chinese family's home for their festive day called "winter is coming" (冬至 Dōngzhì Festival) and I got to make dumplings which tastes really good and had sweet rice balls with red bean for breakfast.

Flying in China
Wish list: Applying from Vietnam to win a free Chi...

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