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Wish list: Applying from Vietnam to win a free China internship!

Ngoc Khanh from Vietnam applied for China internship with Gi2C I graduated from The Faculty of Economics, Nong Lam University (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting in 2011, and have recently graduated from Master of Science in Finance of Bangor University, North Wales, The United Kingdom. I especially have interest in International Financial Markets, Investment Strategy and Portfolio Management, Financial Engineering and Modelling, and Financial Analysis.

After completing the final step of my master's degree, while most of friends congratulated me on this, a friend told me that it has not finished yet; it is the beginning of the new journey – the most difficult stage of life – to find a job. Due to the fact that the global economy has been growing rapidly, the required calibre of human resource becomes higher. The requirements tend to be more severe, as some companies reduce their workforce, while some new companies entering the market want to hire experienced employees. It is likely to be very competitive for those who are fresh graduates. These new graduates have difficulties in finding a job because they only have knowledge in theories, while the reality is different.

The first job after graduation is indeed important. It could allow me to climb the ladder to higher qualification, and sometimes it is not as expected. Not every graduate's major is the same as their expected career. Some of them have to work in a different field or a job partly related to their academic background for years. Thus, as I'd like to have an internship in a professional working environment and work with my passion for finance, it is a good way for me to understand the principles deeply, and apply the theory into practice. I can learn through practice, experience and challenge myself in a real business scenery and specific circumstances, even find a good job after the internship period. Therefore, I believe that the internship program in China will give me the opportunities to improve my career prospects.

Although the world economy has suffered from the financial crisis, China proves to still have economic growth and fast development over time. China has been highly developing, and will keep expanding their business activities in the future. In addition, there is a flow from developed markets to emerging markets in which China dominates. China is now one of the leading economies in product manufacture and services, and plays an important role in the global economy.

A Getin2China Internship is a good start for my career prospects by offering the opportunity to work with multinational companies (Fortune 500) in the two biggest financial centers of China, Beijing and Shanghai. As far as I am concerned, China is a potential working destination because of the beauty of China, a young and dominant economy, and the diversification of culture as well as business activities. Chinese people are friendly and hard-working. Over my time studying abroad, my Chinese friends were willing to support me when I had difficulties, inspired me and encouraged me to push further. They taught me a few Chinese sentences. I am interested in Chinese language, Chinese culture and the beautiful and natural scenery of China. I wish to travel to China someday.

Therefore, I believe that the knowledge and experiences from an internship abroad will enable me to further my career in finance. The information I got about the Gi2C internship program makes me believe that this would allow me to explore and broaden my knowledge, to gain a lot of valuable experiences and to enhance my working skills. These are invaluable assets for me. Working in China is my best choice.

In the short term, I would like to work for financial institutions, such as commercial banks, investment funds and financial firms. In the long term, with my knowledge, efforts and experiences, I would try my best to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

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