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Wish list: Applying from the UK to win an internship in China!

applying from UK for an internship in ChinaDear Sir/Madam,

An opportunity to work in mainland China within the finance industry;  specifically the investment banking sector as a quantitative analyst would as Getin2China explained so eloquently “will put my international career on steroids”. I am currently studying at the University of York, UK where I am in my second year of an undergraduate masters degree in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics. As you may know studying Mathematical Science or Economics at a top 10 institution in the bare minimum required for one to enter investment banking (in any country) as an analyst or quantitative analyst. It is clear I need networks and international experience to compete in a global market like the one which we are in today.

An internship in China is incomparable to any other international internship. The amount of knowledge one can attain coupled with the surreal experiences will give me an insight into how international markets develop. Considering the fact that China boasts an impressive average of about 10% growth per annum; I wish to understand how the finance sector in China is creating this impressive growth figure. I believe that an internship working within an investment bank in China will give me some understanding as to how China has so much growth in it's economy.

Clearly experience is not enough for one to enter a career as an investment banker, networking also plays a crucial role and often dictates one's successes in securing a job offer. Getin2China offers a number of networking opportunities with individuals in all fields and of an extremely high calibre. Having networks on an international scale and experience in working in China (hopefully in Shanghai) will make way for new opportunities and give me more options into how to break into investment banking.

I am currently a campus ambassador for Getin2China and often give presentations at universities around the UK. This shows the commitment I already have given to Getin2China and reflects my drive and determination to break into the finance sector in China and maybe even secure a 'back door job'. During my research as a campus ambassador I have come to realize that an internship in China will be my primary route to securing a job here in the UK or overseas. I plan on completing an internship in China, returning to the UK to complete my degree and with my new-found networks and experience; secure a training programme with a large investment bank in the UK. Then with a plethora of experience in the UK and China, I will become strong a competitor in this global market we live in today.

Having never been overseas I feel that an internship program in China will not only be a once on a life time career experience but will also be a life changing experience too. A chance to work overseas will open my mind to new personal experiences and will allow me to explore the rich culture that China has to offer. China is one of the most historically rich countries in the world and an opportunity to work in this environment with world leaders in finance will change my perspective of life completely.

I feel I am ready and mature enough to embark on this adventure, as a young active adult with my whole life ahead of me; the world is truly my oyster. I recently received 100% in my Mathematics exam at university and I am currently a debt advisor for a organisation within the UK government, I assist citizens in solving the complex problems that occur whilst in debt. I work with bailiffs, gas/electric companies etc. and form financial statements which may be used in the court of law. I believe I have the intelligence and right motivation one requires for an internship in China which is why I feel confident enough to tackle the problems that may arise when working in a country like China.

In short, an internship in China will give me opportunities on an international scale. The networks and experience I will acquire will shape me into a contender in this global market we are living in today. The vast history and culture of China will also be a life-changing experience! It will give me my first opportunity to go overseas and explore the different environments that China can offer. It seems upsetting that the only obstacle which will prevent me from going to China is that my finances do not allow it. That is why I feel I deserve to be considered as a competitor in this competition.

May I thank you for this opportunity that has been presented to me

Kind regards,


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