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Wish list: Applying from Manchester to win a free China internship!


win a free China internshipBeing a passionate Mechanical Engineer who  graduated with a Masters from one of the top 30 Universities in the world (The University of Manchester, UK), it is always been my dream to work at a well reputed company. It is very essential to give more care in getting the first full-time job, as it can determine the path of one's entire career life. Considering the competition in today's job market,  it is necessary to stand out among all the other candidates in order to get hired. This is where relevant internship experience is essential.

Why China?

It was during a mealtime with my Chinese flat mates in Manchester that I came to know about the leading developments in China. Generally among students, the job opportunities and career prospects in China are not being discussed because of the language barrier. But the information I heard from my lovely Chinese friends, changed my entire concept about China in the career sector. I started enquiring more about it and I learned this:

1. China is now the fastest economy and the second largest in the world.

According to  information from the United Nations, China has a very strong economy and has overtaken Japan placing the second position after US. This shows growth of the country's GDP and clearly denotes the sign of a booming job market. The manufacturing sector in China is one the major reasons for this outstanding growth. Even one of the most advanced technology companies, Apple, assembles their products in China. It is also estimated that China will take the first position over the US in the near future.

2. Most of the popular MNC's find their place in China 

Because of vast opportunities and benefits in the Chinese market and to take advantage of the booming economy, almost all MNCs have found their place in china. Moreover ,the fantastic business networking culture in China is also advantageous to any organization.

3. Most important economy in the world.

As mentioned in the statistics, China has a dominant share in both global exports and imports, it is well able to shake the world economy and business.  As  companies in various sectors in China plays a major role in the economy, it is their responsibility to maintain it. Thus the job sector will remain healthy with opportunities for talented professionals.

4. Most popular travel destination

Apart from all the statistical analysis, it is very exciting to know about the unique culture and tourist centers in China. Including the landmark, The Great Wall of China, there are a lot of other must-see places in the country which have been mentioned by the National Geography's magazine best tourist places list.

Why an internship in China?

There is nothing else needed for an educated graduate who can very well understand the importance of above mentioned facts to choose China for an international internship. Also an MNC internship in China is going to boost up my CV and increase my chance of getting a high profile permanent job. All these are more than enough for me to choose China for my internship adventure. I am also looking forward to get into the same company where I intern so that I can explore more of the opportunities in China to build my career. As I have already started learning basic Chinese words, during my internship in China I am hopeful of getting more of the language which will help me in my future career goals.

For those who are passionate about their career and have dreams about it, China is absolutely the best place to start. Having already started dreaming about 'The Internship', I cannot wait anymore to live this life time experience, I just can say only these words: "Here I Come, Middle Kingdom".
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