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Wish list: Applying from Vietnam to win a free China Internship!

Applying from Vietnam for an internship in China

My name is Trung. I graduated from a university in Vietnam majoring in Industrial Arts and am currently studying Economics and Management in Italy. 

A program that is supposed to be able to change someone's life must have a very profound impact on that person  both mentally and physically. With a fast-track China internship program, we will be all directed into a newer and brighter way of achieving our career targets in the world’s fastest growing economy and hottest job market. China will offer me with a great place to develop my competences working with many international people in the world. Time never waits for me if I hesitate.

I began to realize China has what the society is in need of, a flow of money and also a good place for expatriates. I ask myself why China when other countries also can be good place to go to. The best thing about China is how fast the country is transforming. The country remains full of opportunities for young people, western young people are moving to China more than ever before. With its growing market, China is trying to approach foreigners and foreign markets and establish partnerships with western companies worldwide. The world’s top multinational firms have a significant presence here. So, they really need some clever, young, polished, motivated people. Over the past three decades, China has left the world in awe with its blistering economic growth. The Middle Kingdom has now become the new land of opportunity.

The internship program in China offers me many chances to change my life as I will experience a new environment, a new land, and a new lifestyle. Food will be cooked in Asian styles, shops and vendors will offer new products and clothes, transportation will be different, and the culture will hold a new set of values. Besides that, the people are also another important factor contributing into the success of my life and career as China is considered to be a place where a lot of young, talented, motivated people gather, share experiences and work together, and obtain insightful knowledge of Chinese culture and business practices.

Chinese is a language with the largest number of speakers and China is a country with many international companies, a good place to develop myself in speaking the Chinese language and personal skills. It is the best choice to go to study a foreign language in a country where it is spoken as a mother tongue.

When applying for the internship in China, many questions come up in my mind whether I will be successful in this land or not. Why China? What could I contribute to the success of the firms and advancement of the organization? Thinking much about it, I said to myself in a positive way: everything is made with its own good purpose and with a win-win spirit. It is the opportunity to expand my professional and social networks and the firms also have chance to cooperate with me. We will be creating a network worldwide.

An internship is designed to teach higher-level skills. Oftentimes, interns will work directly with company executives and presidents in order to ensure the best possible learning experience. Even if I am asked to make coffee, prepare the table for a meeting, or even clear the floor... I also think it a chance to access workplace information and professionals. I can forget about my own ego to be willing to learn whatever is offered no matter how hard it is to finish the tasks. I pride myself on having positive thinking and an open-minded spirit. I'm willing to work with all of my effort and listen to my superiors. I believe this program can change my life as I see many previous interns got good results after participating into the internship program. If I'm considering taking an unpaid internship overseas, the best decision-making factor is to evaluate what can be gained rather than what is lost.

I think great organizations are not measured by wages and working conditions, they are measured by care and perception. People tend to work better and more efficiently in a firm in which the people care about each other.
Your confidence in each intern together with my attitude will be definitely a win-win cooperation.

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