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Wish List: Applying from Philippines to Win a Free China Internship!

Nobhe Grace applied for China internship Our graduation song is entitled “Going beyond borders”. I really love listening to it and I already feel the emotion when we will sing it heartily this March 2014. I will really give my best shot on realizing it.

One way to go beyond my borders is to live abroad.  I was excited to find the Gi2C China internship program because getting into China will open and widen the doors of opportunities. Through this program, I can gain and earn valuable and important knowledge about my dream job which will help me to become a world-class employee by first having an impressive resume for my future employers. Having this experience will teach me many lessons in life that would help me someday in my future jobs. This might sound odd but realizing it could be my greatest achievement on earth. This is gonna be an awesome experience, a life changing event that I will forever treasure.  It will also help me to discover, explore and understand deeply about other cultures and beliefs which will help me to become a better global citizen, building bonds and meaningful connections with everyone I will meet on this abroad experience.

I know it will not be easy living abroad but through this I truly believe I will learn to live more independently, enhance and widen my sense of responsibility and community. I know with this, I will learn more about myself in the process. It can help me have more confidence in myself, believing life would always be beautiful and learning how to gradually leave the shell of our comfort zone.  It would really be a great opportunity to be exposed to other cultures. I would love to fully understand how culture molds our lives. Also, I hope to help those who are in need and be a blessing to others.

Being jobless is a sad reality for many people. And finding a decent job requires skills and experience. This internship abroad would be of great help and will mold me into being a better employee. I know making my dreams a reality would require a big forward step and I believe this might be the one starting opportunity springing up for me, a jump start career for work.

I don’t belong to a rich family but I really do have rich ambitions and dreams in life. I want to help my family the best I can. I want to be the best I can be.  I want to be where life would bring out the best in me. I am really looking forward for the best change, the best experience, and the best life God would give me someday.  I really dream to be one of  Gi2C's winners!

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