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Wish list: Applying from Spain to Win a Free China Internship!

Can an internship in China change your future career? Here's Isabel's answer:

Well, it’s like winning a lottery ticket, isn’t it? The impact of an internship nowadays on a curriculum vitae is probably as important as having had some experience in the field you want to work. Three, six or nine months of internship in a company can really make a difference on your future career. And of course, economic factors have an impotant role in this situation, the current financial recession has favoured the existence of a ‘gap’ between academic and professional lives. So by offering internships in one of the countries with one of the most prosperous and powerful economies, you are filling that ‘gap’ that the vast majority of people currently find after finishing their studies. To be honest, I’m not looking for a job after the internship, my priority at the moment is to try something different in a different place. I will try to do my best and see if whatever that I do can help me or help others in some or other way or at least I will try to learn something from it. So, why am I applying for China internship program with Gi2C? I’m looking for something that I love to do, experience for experience’s sake will be the proper answer.


Young people are obviously concerned about the future, because after going to university or college you are supposed to find that permanent paid job that is supposed to make you happy and provide you with a good quality of life.


Who is ready for that at early twenties? At this age you are supposed to learn from mistakes as well as successes, to experiment, to observe, to listen, to create, to experience, to know, to meet, to travel. Only after that, one is ready to make a decision and then settle down. How are you going to plan your life looking for a job that you like or don’t like, then a house, then a partner if you haven’t lived before? The best teacher we can have is experience and the world is rich with possibility if one looks for it. We all look for our place in the world, not knowing where and how to find it. We tend to think that not knowing where you want to go or what you want to do is a problem. However, this is the best thing that can happen to you as you feel free to try different experiences and be open-minded.

Getting out from my comfort zone it is something that I love, you put yourself in different situations where you really get to know yourself, both strengths and weaknesses. Some say that we are the lost generation because we can’t find a job after investing so much effort and money in our studies. Who thinks that Steve Jobs was a lost youngster? I am sure that those that use this label to define young people’s present situation tweeted that from their iphones. The same people that say that we are lost, didn’t even go to university to get a degree or a masters and internships didn’t exist in their time. But times have changed so old views and conceptions of how society should be are now useless.

I am from Spain one of the countries that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the European Union, there are no opportunities in my country for young people. But we have a new global class emerging so we should see this as an opportunity to make connections with people from around the world and explore it. As my beloved Steve Jobs said ‘is all about connecting the dots.’ We never know where a road may take us, so it is better to take any that seems appealing to us and that can provide us with a positive outcome rather than think that we are going anywhere because there are no signs on the way.

Instead of asking "why" the right question should be "why not". The world is so big, too much to see and too little time!! I have studied an English Studies degree, my native languages are Spanish and Catalan and I also speak French. Currently, I’m working on my dissertation and I’m going to work as a volunteer for three months as an English teacher in Thailand for a British charity. During my studies I went on an Erasmus exchange to England (University of Sheffield) and also went on an international exchange to Canada (Université de Montréal). This summer I participated in the design and writing of a travel guide in the French city of Lyon. I have recently got my TEFL certificate which I’m sure will help me during placement in Thailand. I am very organized and I am used to teaming up with people from different places and different backgrounds. I have also travelled widely, something that has helped me to develop both communication and interpersonal skills as well as critical thinking. I love anything that is related with languages, communication, media, people or marketing. Certainly an internship in China will be a further step for the international career that I’m looking for.
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