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Wish list: Applying from the Philippines to win a free china internship!

An internship can change your life and affect your career.

Choices, a simple yet powerful word that can make ordinary things great… one word, yet life changing. It can transform life according to what you desire. If we sum up everything, life is all about choices. My name is Sandra and I choose to change my life.
Sandra a prospect intern in China with Gi2C


As I look back, I can still see the scholar student of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology who was striving hard enough to finish her college degree that can create her own first door to success. She has a lot of hopes and dreams in life. She enjoys helping and loves adventure. She will always be that optimistic woman under a dark cloud. She has a very proud mother and a very supportive social worker father. No matter how difficult life can be, she chose to accept the scholarship and managed to graduate. Now, as a young university graduate, a longer road is ahead of her. She calls it adventure to success. That girl is now making her way to achieve her most desired hopes and dreams in life.


I am creating another door and going the distance. It came to me that the more we learn, the more we realize that there are so many things that are yet to be learned. There is so much more that is yet to be discovered, and so much more to be understood. It is in fact a big question for us on where to start and what more to achieve. We are at the crossroads, thinking and weighing decisions about which road to follow, and which door to open. We are just beginning down the path towards our goals. The road that will then determine our success and failures, our uphills and downfalls, but most especially this road will then show us a more complicated yet wonderful life.  The more crossroads we have, the more difficult it will be to decide on where to begin. We are on the verge of whether to go right, left, or straight ahead. The choices we have can sometimes lead us to be confused. I was in confusion on whether to start working or to continue learning. Decision making is very important and I realized that I can have both choices after hearing about this internship program in China. This program is the best decision anyone could have especially for the young graduates like me. This is the most wonderful step any youngsters can have to achieve any of their most desired careers.


Everyone dreams of a better or even best of everything, but only few believe that change can happen. I believe that everything is possible, as well as change can absolutely occur as long as you choose and take your first step sensibly. Now, why settle for less when you can have the best? This China internship is not just a good choice, but rather the best choice any wise person could make. This is the best opportunity to experience the best of everything. I absolutely want to experience working abroad as well as understanding Chinese culture. I want to be one of those few that managed to make the best decisions in life. If given a chance to win this internship, I know someday when I look back and think of all the choices I made, this will have been the best decision I ever made.

That is why I choose to have the most sensible road to attain my desired career. This internship program in China is my key to success. One step at a time, I will go the distance and I believe that I will make it through.

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