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China Internship Testimonial: Bradley Coushman

Bradley Coushman - Gi2C InternBradley Coushman hails from “fantastic” San Francisco, CA, USA. “It’s home to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, IBM, Intel, Chevron, Visa, and Virgin America”, he told us making it a fantastic place to be from indeed! Bradley is 29 and studied Fashion Design/Business for his bachelors and is studying Luxury Brand Management for his masters.

For his internship program in China, he will be working with a marketing and events team to organize PR and trade shows. Bradley hopes to get a lot out of his time in China and is “looking forward to getting an international business perspective, and diversify my work experience. I hope to create good professional contacts around the world to help facilitate growth for myself, my career, and my peers.”

We were curious, why did Bradley choose China? “I decided to take an internship in China for a few reasons. China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and as such, I believe it is increasing important to have a good understanding of Chinese business practices and culture. As an American (especially a San Franciscan), we continually see an increase in trade between our two countries.”

Bradley’s partner and close friends were very supportive about this new experience for him, even though they were understandably sad to see him go. Bradley said “at first they were all "WHAT?! CHINA?! REALLY?!", but after great conversations and some debate about the future of economic might vs potential, they all agree I am doing the correct thing to improve my career, culture, and life experience. At the end of the day, China is still a very exotic place for most Americans. But I am defiantly going to miss all my close friends, my partner, and my two cats!”

It’s natural to have some preconceived ideas about a place before you get there. Bradley rightly believed that Beijing would be super crowded, filled with pollution, and that the majority of things would be cheaper than in the USA. He also thought that Chinese people are very patriotic, a little brash maybe but nonetheless polite.

When we asked Bradley what he thought learning Mandarin will be like, he replied that it will be a little difficult at first getting the pronunciation right and also the characters but overall his attitude is positive. Despite hearing Chinese is the most difficult language to learn for westerners, he replied with, “Challenge accepted!”
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