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Intern Update: Andrea De Grazia

Andrea has arrived in the Middle Kingdom for his internship in Beijing!


“I feel fantastic being in China, and I have been experiencing very good feelings about the first experiences I am facing and about the new places I am exploring.


Andrea De Grazia's internship in Beijing with Getin2China


Also being surrounded by people belonging to different countries and with different background is another positive aspect of this city.”


Amid the concrete and cultural jungle that is Beijing, the one thing that stands out for Andrea is commercial. If there’s one thing about Beijingers, they work – and they work a lot.


“The cultural difference that caught my attention the most is the number of hours that most of the shops and supermarket are open. In fact, being available to enter in many different shops at night or during non working days is not an exceptional fact for Chinese people, but it is definitely for me.”


For Andrea, China’s capital is a host of contrasts.


“My initial impressions of Beijing are positive for some aspects because I can feel and see the propensity of this city toward becoming international and more similar to developed countries. This is in fact reflected by the high number of skyscrapers and new tall buildings, especially in the financial areas hosting many international companies.


“On the other hand, I can notice some other aspects to be improved because of the extreme difference between wealthy and poor people that can be noticed in the everyday life by walking on the street.”


One question that we love asking our interns is how Beijing or Shanghai compares to their hometowns. It’s a great way for us to learn more about where our interns are from.


Beijing is completely different from my hometown, which is a small city on the coast in the south of Italy characterized by small buildings and very few companies. In fact, the main differences are the population and the uncountable number of international companies, other than the completely different landscape.”


Andrea is spot on here. Beijing is increasingly becoming the home base of a number of multinational firms from across the world that want to expand in China and the region. Samsung, IMB, Goldman Sachs and countless others are all here.


“The first thing that I did upon my arrival was leaving my luggage at the accommodations and start exploring the neighbourhood in order to have a first taste of the city during the evening and to familiarize myself with the zone,” said Andrea.


And he has wasted no time delving into the world of Beijing’s tasty offerings.


“I have tried to experience different foods since the first days, and I have eaten chicken and beef cocked with different spicy sauces and vegetables together with noodles or dumpling, other than different kind of soups.”


Sounds like you’re off to a good start in Beijing. There’s so much to see and do in this dynamic city – we’re sure you’ll have a blast as an intern in China. We’ll touch base later for another update to learn more about your China internship program.



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