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Wish List: Applying from Puerto Rico to win a free China internship!

My name is Jean. I’m 20 years old, and currently majoring in Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico. I’m a native speaker of English and Spanish, and I’m currently studying Chinese and Japanese.

As a current student of Psychology, my professional sights are set on the path of an Industrial Psychologist. Utilizing the knowledge I have attained through academic as well as professional experience, I hope to help an organization in the development and achievement of the company goals, its security, as well as the efficiency and well-being of the company’s workforce.

Having worked with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and other firms has given me insight as to how successful organizations operate, their ideology and methodology, as well as their needs. Furthermore, through the participation in various internships around the world, my personal and professional capabilities will greatly increase. The international knowledge of workforce policy and views, as well as culture, will certainly translate into a better understanding of industries, leading to optimal personal and professional efficiency.

China Internship entry

Programs such as the Getin2China’s internships offer the experience and insight needed for future aspiring leaders to attain the tools necessary to deal with the needs of today’s professional landscape. Gi2C assists young professionals such as myself to enter into the fast-growing international business market.

I have traveled all over the world, gaining experience and insight into various cultures, their way of life, and their way of business. I have been to France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, and the USA. My next and most important destination is China.  The Chinese culture, which has spanned thousands of years and always thrived over adversity, offers lessons to succeed in business and life. From ancient lords such as Cao Cao and Liu Bei, to today’s political and financial leaders, we can see the brilliance of China and we can learn from it.

China is unquestionably the world’s fastest growing economy and the international hub for growing and thriving businesses. The experiences gained through working in China will prove useful in the assistance and development of new and existing businesses. As a future professional interested in Industrial Psychology and Human Resources Management, the information gained through professional activity in China will shape my approach to future organizational tasks and operational management. I firmly believe that the experiences I will gain by being in China will benefit both my personal and professional career development.

Everyday I’m bombarded by news of China’s development and expansion into new territories. Chinese businesses are looking forward to joining hands with like-minded people from other countries. That’s where young professionals such as myself step in. It is obvious that the youth are the future; it is also obvious that China is the future. By participating in an internship in China and learning about operations and methodologies, I would be well on my way to supporting an international business.

My goal is to maximize an organization’s potential and attainment of success. Improving workforce efficiency and helping secure the company’s health and interests, as well as attaining optimal decision-making capability are all within my professional career goals. I will use the tools acquired through programs such as Getin2China’s internship to help organizations reach new heights and establish new standards of excellence. The experiences acquired through these undertakings will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the future success of both personal and professional enterprises.

Looking forward to interning in China soon!
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