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China Internship Testimonial: Andrea De Grazia

Doing an internship in Beijing for Andrea De Grazia was a no brainer.

Andrea De Grazia and his internship in Beijing

"I believe China is the right place in order to start an international career in the financial sector."

Andrea will do his internship at Montpelier Group, an international wealth management and and offshore tax planner with offices around Asia.

He says he chose China because it's the world's fastest developing major economy. The world's top multinational firms have a significant presence here, another alluring factor.

"I know that my responsibilities will be learning the trading activities of the company and participating in its corporate activities," says Andrea of Forex.

The 24-year-old from Reggio Calabria, Italy, who holds degrees from schools in Milan and the UK, plans on making the most of his China internship program.

"I hope to get experience in the wealth management field in order to enhance my knowledge and skills and to start a career in this sector.  At the same time I hope to have the possibility to work full time after the internship."

And finding full-time work is a real possibility in China after successfully completing an internship, or a back-door way into the job scene here. Internships have now become the most assured way of landing a job inside China's highly competitive employment market.

Andrea says he chose Gi2C to find an internship placement after seeing an ad  " on the website of my university and by comparing the price and the services offered I found this company being the most appropriate for my needs."

He's preparing the move to the Middle Kingdom by reading as much as he can about the culture and life in Beijing.

What about his family - how do they feel about him packing up for a life half way around the world for a few months?

"My family has been supportive since I begged and told them about the possibility of an internship in China. They understand about the great future prospect that this opportunity can give me. However, the differences in culture is a cause of worry for them."

Sounds like you have an understanding family, Andrea. We look forward to hearing more from you in Beijing! Good luck!
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