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Wish List: China Internship Program - Letter from Pakistan

Dear Gi2C,

I’m looking for an internship!

In the world of globalization, diminishing boundaries, competition and the desire for fast economic growth, China has successfully dominated and is effectively conquering the world's economy. China offers the best suited and ideal environment for internship opportunities. This country which houses a wide array of companies, thousands of multi-national companies, encourages new innovation, offers a good setting for business growth and expansion, will unquestionably enable me to enhance my skills, gain valuable experience, acquire knowledge and build my capacity to work in an international business setting as well as an intercultural and diverse environment. This will inevitably give me an edge and boost my international career.

Ifrah - China interns from PakistanChina internship programs with Getin2China will bring me in contact with a new, diverse, innovative, vibrant and vivacious working environment and unlock a fresh learning perspective. Working in a completely different and unique culture will not only build my confidence but will also develop self assurance, boldness, audacity and courage to face and take on challenges in life valiantly and bravely.

The two major cities and important business hubs Beijing and Shanghai are full of professional, proficient and qualified people, and their experiences, knowledge, expertise and innovative ideas will widen my understanding, broaden my thoughts, open new thinking arenas and will help me build up my international professional contacts and relationships. The establishment of this professional network is highly essential for future opportunities and growth.

Doing an internship in the fastest growing economy of the world will be challenging yet rewarding and worthwhile. It will give me the finest and firsthand experience and insight of working in a competitive market and will also become a vital and crucial part of my curriculum vitae. As this experience will testify in itself that I have the qualities of compliance, flexibility, adaptability, agility and aptitude to work in an international and booming environment. The precise qualities that an employer seeks will be polished and refined in me. Ultimately increasing my market value and the chances of a successful and thriving international career.

A China internship program will also provide me exposure to the real and fast paced world. I will get hands-on and proactive experience in vibrant practical business scenarios. Practical experience is very different from the academic knowledge, it gives a realistic and pragmatic picture and factual encounter of the dynamic world. It also builds the required working skills needed to succeed. An internship in the fastest growing economy of the world will cause my enthusiasm and motivation about life overall to grow. This internship opportunity in China will not only increase my knowledge but will allow me to be a momentous contributor. In addition, the internship experience will help me select the career path that I want to pursue. It will narrow down my list of interestingprofessional fields and bring forward my preferred profession.  Thus, making it easy for me to make the right choice for my future. This internship experience will shape my life forever and will be an unforgettable and memorable experience.

International internships provide many benefits and is a valuable experience for anyone given the chance. In this competitive world, I believe a Chinese internship program holds the key for my bright future. It will help me build my capabilities, polish my abilities, develop adaptability, enable me to courageously accept challenges and above all, be a productive and useful citizen of the world.

Thanks for the opportunity to do an internship in Beijing or Shanghai!

Hopeful Intern from Pakistan
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