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Internship Testimonial: Anastasiya Kaurdakova

Potential interns from around the world use Gi2C's services to land a wide variety of internships. Anastasiya Kaurdakova from Russia has recently arrived in Shanghai and before arriving she was hoping to "get more valuable experience and gain skills in the PR sphere" by working with a company called Aquatech. She was happy to be doing her internship in Shanghai because it is a "multinational city" with a great deal to offer.

She chose China for several reasons. "In terms of employment, China is considered to be the best place for job opportunities." Anastasiya was also looking forward to meeting new people and understanding what it was like to work and live in China as well as experience a whole new culture and way of thinking.


Anastasiya received her BA degree in Public Relations from a school in London and her internship tasks will be dealing with media coverage and event management. The PR and other service industries are going to be the best industries to work in during the next few years. With the hundreds of millions of Chinese people living in China, one can imagine just how many events are going on at any given time and place within China. Anastasiya is going to be busy!

The best part of this story is that Anastasiya is very excited for this new adventure, not nervous, and she has her family's support as they thought it would be a great opportunity for her career development. There definitely are many very unique opportunities in China! Anastasiya has made the brave choice to leave the familiar and explore what China has to offer her and that can be a hard decision for many people. However, with great risk comes great reward.

Although Anastasiya speaks more than one language, she believes Mandarin will be very difficult to master. However, internships in China are a great way to get hands on Mandarin training, either through Mandarin classes or just by listening to your co-workers talk! Learning such a complicated language can seem daunting at first but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. And even if after practicing, your Mandarin isn't perfect, you will at the very least be able to order food (gong bao ji ding is the foreigner favorite) or find the nearest subway station!
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