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Intern Update: Eloise Grimes

Eloise Grimes has arrived in Beijing and she’s both “excited” and “nervous.”

“I have a mixture of feelings at the moment: I'm excited about being in a new city and starting my internship, yet at the same time I'm nervous for the exact same reasons.”

Eloise Grimes' internship in Beijing with Getin2China

Eloise will do her China internship program at Beijing Europe-China Trade Centre International Advisory Co. (ECTC) in public relations. Although she’s got a mixed bag of feelings, she isn’t alone.

I felt happy and relieved though when I met my flat mates and other interns at the Gi2C orientation, as there is a group of us who are experiencing this new adventure together.”

Having previously visited Beijing during a semester abroad in Hong Kong, Eloise knows what to expect – somewhat – but there were still some surprises.

“It's busy than I remember, and when it comes to travel on public transport and food, Beijing can be very cheap.

The Blackburn-England native couldn’t have said it better about Beijing. A ride on the subway is a mere 0.33 cents US; taxis remain affordable, in spite of a recent fair hike; 12 bottles of beer can be delivered to your home for under $4 dollars; and local food – from hotpot to noodles to street food – are great value for your buck.

There are some notable differences between Beijing and Eloise’s hometown.

“Beijing is a lot larger than my hometown. Also the pace of life differs greatly. Everything opens later in Beijing, and as a result the streets are busy for a lot longer and later than they would be in my hometown.”

As an intern in China, you’ll quickly discover how some cultural differences are noticeable, not subtle.

One difference Eloise quickly spotted was how “exercise and dance classes can take place in the middle of a pavement, in the centre of Beijing, complete with music and accessories such as fans and costumes.

“At home, these types of classes would take place inside.”

Upon arriving in Beijing, the first thing Eloise did was familiarize herself with her new neighborhood before heading out for tea with some other Getin2China interns.

She also made sure to eat.

“I have eaten Beijing Roast Duck at the Gi2C welcoming meal and some dumplings from Wanfujing market.”

Sounds delish!

Glad to hear you’re off to a good start in China! We’ll check back later for an update on your internship in Beijing.
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