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Intern Update: Julia Nikolaychuk

Julia Nikolaychuk has arrived in Shanghai for her China internship program, and she says it's "incomparable" to her hometown.

Julia Nikolaychuk's internship in China, Getin2China

"I come from a very small town in western Ukraine. Life in Shanghai is unique in comparison to every big city or megalopolis that I have been to. It is very modern and highly developed. The culture and traditions are visible at every point, what people wear to what they do and how they behave."

She adds that unless you've been to Shanghai, you won't "understand its nature."

"Amazing views: skyscrapers; lights; hot, humid air; food; lively streets – it has its character distinct from other places. Despite being crowded, the city is very functional in terms of public transport."

Julia previously told Gi2C that she chose the Middle Kingdom to do an internship because of the opportunities given to young people and for the chance to experience the business dynamics of the Far East.

"So far I feel very comfortable being in China, except for the humid, hot air," she says. "I have met a number of nice people who have helped me in one way or another."

The one major cultural difference that stands out most for Julia is the "street life."

"You can get anything outside of your building. In the late night Chinese people start making food on the city streets and selling it."

Julia is spot on with this observation. In China, you can find just about anything you want on the street, with vendors selling everything from food, to socks, to nifty gadgets, etc., a way of life seen elsewhere in the region, including Taiwan and South Korea. If you love shopping, there's no better place to do it than in the Asia-Pacific and China.

The first thing Julia did when she arrived was "explore the neighborhood with my flatmate. We had a typical dinner, however, I am not sure what was on my plate!"

So far she's had ribs, baked eggplant, smoked duck, vegetables with soy sauce and a "mysterious soup."

In the end, Julia's says she's "anxious to see more and experience as much as possible."

We feel the same way for you, Julia. Good luck settling in. We'll check back soon for an update on how your internship in Shanghai is coming along.
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