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Intern Update: Nicole Kwok

Nicole Kwok has arrived in China and she “cannot believe” she’s in Beijing.

Nicole Kwok's internship in Beijing

“I feel like I’ve been here for a few months already. I think I can get used to living and working with local Chinese people.”

Nicole from Hong Kong, will do her internship in Beijing at IDC Design as a mechanical engineering assistant. She’s been to Beijing before, but only as a visitor. This time around, she’ll intern in China for three months.

“When I reached Beijing, the first thing I did was “purchase a sim card to call my parents.” She adds that she’s also eaten “some cold noodles, fresh fried buns and some braised pork rice.”

Yum! Sounds delicious!

If you’re a foodie, or just love to eat, there’s no better place in China than Beijing. Because folks from all over the Middle Kingdom flock to the capital to pursue opportunities, you’ll find cuisine from all corners of the country here. To read more about Beijing’s food offerings, click here and here.

Another fabulous fact of life in Beijing is the cheap public transit. When we say cheap, we mean it, as Nicole quickly learned.

“Beijing is large, but you can take the subway anywhere and it only costs you 2 rmb,” says Nicole, referring to the Chinese currency the renminbi. “It is very cheap and very convenient for visitors.”

Two renminbi is a mere 33 US cents or 0.24 euros or 0.21 pounds. In other Chinese and Asian cities, your subway fare is dependent on the distance you travel. The further you travel, the more you pay. In Beijing  there’s one flat fare, period, no matter how are far you travel.

There’s another facet of transport that stands out for Nicole.

“Before I came to China, I have not been to any country that allows vehicles to move on a red light. That is quite dangerous since pedestrians are crossing the road.”

That’s true. In Beijing, and across China, pedestrians do not have the right of way on the roads, even if drivers do obey the rules and are mindful of the lights. Pay close attention to oncoming vehicles when crossing the street.

Sounds like you’ve embraced Beijing, Nicole! Good luck with the start of your internship program in China. We’ll check back soon.

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