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Intern Testimonial: Eloise Grimes

Having previously visited Beijing while studying for a semester in Hong Kong, Eloise Grimes says she knew China would be a great place to develop her career. “I wanted an internship that was challenging and stimulating, and with China being a rapidly growing economy, this seemed the obvious choice.”

Eloise Grimes and her internship in China with Getin2China

Eloise, from Blackburn in northwest England, who studied Film and Historical Studies at the University of Manchester, will do her internship in China at the Beijing Europe-China Trade Centre International Advisory Co. (ECTC) in public relations.

“I know that my role will involve communicating and developing relationships with key people from enterprises, government representatives and cultural institutes. “I am also aware that I'll be expected to undertake research and organise and co-ordinate events.”

Eloise says that she hopes to gain a better understanding of how companies operate from the inside when it comes to working their PR magic. Because she’s visited the Chinese capital before, she has an idea of what to expect as an intern in China.

“From memory of my previous visit, it is very busy with traffic and pedestrian traffic! I imagine it will be very busy every morning making my way to my internship placement.” She adds that she knows “punctuality is viewed as very important.”

Her family, Eloise says, is “excited" for her and "believed it would be good for me as it would broaden my horizons. I have also been to China before, so they know I'll be OK.” We agree with your family, Eloise. You’ll be just fine!

Eloise’s case is an interesting one. Her background is in film studies, but she’s doing an internship in public relations. You might be wondering how someone without an educational background in PR is able to land such a fabulous internship in Beijing. In fact, she’s not alone. One of our previous interns, Nick Freer-Smith, landed an internship in Shanghai at an investment advisory firm. He did so with a degree in history. You can read the rest of his story here.

What gives?

There’s an expression in China called TIC: This is China. In other words, anything’s possible here. China is very much open to giving foreigners without the right experience a shot. You won’t be managing a team of investment bankers with your zero experience and degree in psychology, but you might land an entry-level position nonetheless. China and the Chinese are keen to absorb ideas from the outside, probably more so than any other country in the world. Companies here are also eager to create an environment with a global outlook. In other words, provided that you’re willing to learn, work hard and contribute ideas, you could be given a shot.

After all, TIC – this is China.

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