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Intern Testimonial: Alex Roberts

For Alex Roberts, he decided to do an internship in China for one reason: “To do something outside the box.”

Alex Roberts and his China internship program with Getin2China

“Not being able to find a job I enjoyed in London after graduation I decided to go for it. Also having never lived abroad I wanted to experience a different environment. And Beijing certainly is that!”

Beijing, he says, certainly didn’t fit the notion he previously had of the city.

“I was sort of expecting to see squatting toilets and run down old buildings everywhere, true communist style. Yet Beijing is the opposite, in many ways more modern than what I was used to in London.”

If you follow our blog regularly, you’ll recall that Alex in July debated with the deputy chairman of the People’s Bank of China over the country’s currency, the Renminbi.

“I learned about one of the key issues affecting China and the global financial markets,” says Alex of the debate.

The 24-year-old is doing an internship in Beijing at FSI (Forex Signs), a market research company providing advice on investment opportunities in the foreign exchange market, or the market for trading currencies.

“I produce daily market research to be fed back at daily team meetings. Also, we are required to attend networking events to search for potential foreign clients.”

Alex adds that he is learning about “Technical and fundamental analysis for FX trading. We became proficient in the company-trading platform MT5 within a few weeks and then continued to expand our knowledge of different trading strategies. I also learned how broader macroeconomic trends affect currency prices and the most important economic indicators to work with.”

He says his colleagues are friendly, and “although their English is limited, they are always happy to answer questions and help you settle in.” He hasn’t experienced any major difficulties living in China, and says, “Gi2C has been helpful in answering various visa, accommodation and transport related questions.”

While Alex isn’t impressed with Beijing’s “air quality, the heat and rush hour,” he loves its subway, nightlife and food.

And what are Alex’s future plans?

“To early to tell but staying and working in Beijing or Shanghai is high up the list.”
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