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Intern Update: Tom James

Previously, Tom James told Gi2C that he was keen on impressing his colleagues during his internship in Beijing at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

Sounds like he’s pulled it off.

“I work in a team with other interns and we work on projects. We have created a Marketing Plan for ICAEW for 2014, created content for the website and I built a new and improved website for them as a suggestion to integrate certain elements into their current website. Now, I am the project manager for a research project into the air purifier market in China and we will present our findings soon.”

Tom James and his internship in China

And what would an internship be without learning?

“I have gained insight into the air purification market in China,” says Tom. “I have learned about many different advertising channels within the country. I have learned about vital cultural differences when conducting business in China.

“And I now know how to say, "invoice" in Mandarin.”

A handy word to know, we’re sure!

Tom says he’s been surprised by one thing.

The huge responsibility given to interns. We get a two-minute brief and then are left on our own for days without further direction or communication with the other staff. This is good, though, as I like to use my initiative, and our work has been applauded so far.”

The great thing about doing an internship in China is the possibilities to explore the fascinating and dynamic cities of Beijing and/or Shanghai. Tom, it seems, has wasted no time doing so.

“I have been to many clubs at night, been on a zip wire over a huge lake, walked and cabled car-ed up a mountain, seen the Great Wall, been to a hotel with my host family in a western-style place in the Beijing suburbs, taught the daughter English, been to see many famous places like Forbidden City and chickened out of a bungee jump!”

Beijing is enormous, adds Tom, and the size of the city, means “you will never get bored!

Life at work is good, life in Beijing is good, and Tom’s life at home with his host family, it seems, is good too.

They are very generous and fun. They keep treating me with meals and days out. And hopefully, I am helping Amanda learn English too.”

We’re sure you are, Tom! We’ll check back in one last time for a final update. Enjoy the rest of your China internship program!

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