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Wish List: Letter From Canada

Dear Getin2China,

I’m looking for an internship!

Preferred Duration: 3 Months

1st choice: Legal / Law

English Level: Advanced

Chinese Level: Native

Other Languages: Native Cantonese, Basic Mandarin

I hope to be able to gain experience and knowledge in the legal field, whether in a law firm or a company’s legal department. I would like to be able to apply my legal knowledge obtained from school to the practical legal field. I am aware that learning about the law from a classroom may be a very different experience from learning about the workings of the law in reality, hence I would like to be able to gain experience of the law from a practical perspective, rather than a theoretical one. I am also enthusiastic in experiencing the legal field in a large city in China, whose development has been fast and growing into the international arena. It would be my pleasure to be able to learn from distinguished lawyers and experts in this field and be able to receive mentoring from these individuals. Due to China’s expanding business relationships with North America, it would be valuable to have knowledge of the culture of a Chinese law firm and how they deal with legal issues. With my experience in both Canada and China, I would be able to enhance the relationship between the two countries in relation to any cross-national legal issues or transactions.

Finally, through this experience, I wish to develop connections with legal professionals and potential mentors in the legal field. It would be valuable to be able to meet distinguished legal professionals in China who may provide me with guidance and advice throughout my future legal career. In essence, it would be ideal to be able to develop a relationship with my Chinese counterparts, in addition to the North American culture I am experienced with.


In terms of my expectations of this internship program in China, it would be preferable to have this experience at a reputable law firm in China. Ideally, the law firm would provide a broad array of services in various legal areas. More importantly, I would like to be involved with legal-related matters, as opposed to administrative tasks, and be able to work in close connection with legal professionals. To have the opportunity to be engaged with tasks that are directly related to what my future legal career as a lawyer would involve would be highly valuable to this internship experience. These tasks, such as drafting legal documents or meeting with clients, would allow me to gain knowledge that is not obtainable within a classroom. I would also like to be able to work with legal professionals who are willing to provide guidance and advice to students. I believe that the internship in China would be greatly enhanced if the supervisors I am working with are willing to help students gain practical experience in the legal field and willing to provide them with opportunities to use their legal knowledge. In addition, it would be great to be exposed to different practices of the law to enhance my knowledge of the broadness of the legal field. Being able to communicate with legal professionals in different sectors and to be able to assist with tasks specific to their field of practice would enhance my exposure to the legal practice.
I am willing to work outside of traditional work hours and I am ready to assist my supervisors whenever needed. I am also willing to travel around to perform various tasks if required. I am a relatively flexible individual who can adjust to various expectations of supervisors based on the changing nature of the needs of my supervisor, the law firm, or the clients.

Thanks for the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai!

Hopeful Intern from Canada
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