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4 Ways to Kill your Resume

Want to cause a recruiter to toss your resume aside? It’s easy!

Writing a strong resume

When an employer is faced with several –possibly hundreds– of applications, he or she will try to narrow this list down quickly. Making one of the following mistakes can get your resume tossed in just a matter of seconds. And this is true no matter where in the world you apply, whether for a job or internship.

1. You Didn’t Attach A Cover Letter

This is not a good start to any job application. Failing to include a cover letter instantly means that you have failed to put in the extra minute it takes to attach a cover letter, and this is never a good thing. A lot of recruiters delete their first round of applicants simply because they have not included a cover letter.

If you’re applying for an internship program in China, a cover letter is an absolute must. Why do you want to work or gain experience specifically in China  If your host company has a global presence, why are you interested in an internship in Shanghai and not at the London office? Why is China (or any other country) right for you? All of this must be explained in your cover letter.

2. You Applied For The Wrong Job

It happens all the time – candidates get so caught up in applying to as many jobs as possible that they accidentally send their resume sand cover letters to the wrong people. When a recruiter sees a cover letter has been accidentally addressed to the wrong company, it will get tossed immediately.

3. There’s A Bad Picture On Your Resume

It’s true that different resume standards apply to different countries. That being said, some countries are more accepting (and encouraging) of pictures on resumes than others, however, please stick to professional-looking photos only – you are applying for a job after all. There is no need to include a picture of yourself posing in a tank top or drinking with friends.

If you want to do an internship in Asia – Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore – you will undoubtedly be asked for a photo. Professionalism in your photo is a must.

4. You Didn’t Provide Enough Information About Your Work Experience

Employers want you to be as specific as possible with regards to your qualifications, and therefore you should provide an adequate amount of information. Believe it or not, many people list their job titles ONLY under “work experience.” That won’t cut it. Once an employer sees you’ve provided little to no detail on your experience, they will immediately delete your resume.

When applying for an internship in a developing country like China or India, listing your experience is a must. Employers want to know exactly what kind of background and skills you have to help the company learn and grow.
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