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Intern Update: Tulio Puente

Tulio’s China internship program is in full swing, and he says living in Beijing is “all about learning.”


Previously, Tulio told Gi2C that Novel-SuperTv, his host company, has plans to expand into the Latin American market.

I am supporting the Overseas Sales Director in the transition to the LATAM market, doing some research on LATAM Digital TV market news, keeping track of some customers they already have, and translating some documents for their use with the clients,” says Tulio.

“So far my colleagues have been very kind with me, and as I work in the Overseas Department many of them speak English (although I need a little bit of help when I need to communicate with other departments). I am also making good friends there. I think the key is in adapting and joining their outside activities and showing them your willingness to try their culture.”

Tulio says that he isn’t formally studying Mandarin – China’s main local language –  but he did bring his textbook from Mexico, where he first studied the language.

“I give it a look once in a while when I need to go on the street to buy tickets, food, bargain or ask for anything I need.”

So far, he hasn’t had time for too much outside work.

“There are so many things to do that I haven’t had time to rest since I arrived, but I guess I need to take advantage that I am already here and go everywhere I can and experience the good and the not so good things about the city. It’s all about learning.”

Beijing is a city with four seasons, including a rainy season, which sometimes runs into the summer. There’s been plenty of rain over the past couple of months, something that hasn’t bothered Tulio.

“Much to the surprise of the people that I have talked to, I actually like the weather. Some days might be hot, but the next day will probably rain. As I come from a very sunny city in Mexico, a couple of rainy days in summer are very refreshing and clear the sky from the smog. However, rainy days don’t last long.”

While Beijing is riddled with opportunities for the ambitious, it has its challenges.

“Although I have found very nice people willing to help, there are also people trying to take advantage of foreigners, especially some taxis located in hot spot areas! Anyway, it is always good to learn alternative ways to move around.

“It’s also challenging to cross the street in busy hours due to the fact that not many people follow the signs, but all this is part of the experience and you learn how to deal with it.”

You certainly do. Good luck with the rest of your internship in Beijing, Tulio. We’ll check back!

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