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Wish List: Letter From Russia

Dear Getin2China,

I’m looking for an internship!

  • Preferred Duration: 1 Month

  • 1st choice: Television and Broadcasting

  • 2nd Choice: Media / PR / Events Management

  • 3rd Choice: Arts / Galleries / Fashion Design

  • English Level: Advanced

  • Chinese Level: Never studied

  • Other Languages: Russian, Spanish, Japanese

In next 2 years I will graduate from University and even now I have to decide where I want to work, in what sphere, in what country and Getin2China Internship Program is a capability to try to work, study and live in a foreign country. So, the main goals for me are chances to work and live in other cultural spheres. Also, it is an opportunity to work in a branch in which I will specialize in the future, an opportunity to see all nuances which can be received only in practice. At my university, our professors and teachers always say that possibly we, students, will be never be able to work in another country, because we will never understand a foreigners outlook, as we grew up and studied in absolutely very different cultural conditions and have a different mentality. But the Getin2China Program gives an ability to try yourself in other country, to get more experience and to determine your capabilities and possibilities to work in another country. I suppose, that it is a good chance to check yourself in new conditions and strongly believe that this program will help me in my way and I can determine for myself all nuances of my specialisation.

Getin2China Program will be the first time when I will visit a new country not just for learning language but also for working there. I expect that I will deeply plunge into the new cultural conditions and will spend one month living in absolutely a different way. I hope that I will meet people from foreign countries, will know lots of new things and will be able to work in the area I will specialize in the future. I have never lived in an Asian country before for such a long time, and hope that this program will give some experience in such questions and in future times I will be able to visit China by myself. And Asian, in particular Chinese culture, is a complicated culture which has thousand-year history and I always was interested in it and want to know more.
Most of all an internship in China is a practice that I cannot get at University. And what is more important, that these practice is international, what means I will get more experience and it will help in future, if, for example, I decide to come back and continue work in China.

Thanks for the opportunity to do an internship in Beijing!

Hopeful Intern from Russia
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