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Intern Update: Moise Marcel Amouofo

Several weeks into his internship in Beijing and Moise has gained an immediate benefit.

"So far I have gained a great insight into the way law firms operate and as a result of this internship I am better informed with regards to the area of law I would like practice in the long term."

Moise, from London, is doing his China internship program at Chance & Bridge Partners LLP, a boutique law firm in China’s capital, Beijing.

Moise Marcel Amouofo Moise Marcel Amouofo

He told us a few weeks ago that he is “passionate” about law and expected to be apart of the firm’s day-to-day activities. He definitely is. His main job responsibilities include the following:

    • Contacting all the partners at the beginning of each week to outline the tasks for the week and how long they will take to complete


    • Learning and researching about the different practice areas of the firm


    • Assisting with the business development and marketing of the firm


    • Researching potential strategic  partners for the firm


    • Performing a range of other tasks ranging from drafting a letter to organizing events

Not bad for a 21-year-old.

I have been given some challenging research projects to undertake and fortunately they have all been interesting and I genuinely relish the challenge,” he says.

But your time in China shouldn’t be all work and no play, and Moise has found a balance during his internship program in China.

“There are a lot of things to do in Beijing. I have been able to do a lot of activities ranging from karting, to museums or going to the Great Wall as well as going out with friends on a regular basis. There are always things to do after work and you just have to find them.”

He adds that Gi2C has arranged a number of activities since his arrival, including karaoke nights and business seminars.

The aspiring lawyers says that he has settled well into life in Beijing, but the “weather is quite strange and uncomfortable at times, especially the humidity, which is even worse when taking into account the level of pollution here.”

With a hectic work schedule and teeming social life, Moise has even found time to study China’s national language, Mandarin (Gi2C offers Mandarin Chinese language program. Read more about that here).

“Learning the language is quite difficult and it is completely alien to anything I have ever tried to learn before.

“But at the same time I have been able to develop and I know a lot more than previously, so it is not all bad.”

No it isn’t! Sounds like you’re making the most of your time in China, Moise. We’ll check back again soon!

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