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Wish List: Letter From England

Dear Getin2China,

I’m looking for an internship in Beijing! 

  • Preferred Duration: 3 Months

  • 1st choice: Marketing / Sales / Advertising

  • 2nd Choice: Media / PR / Events Management

  • 3rd Choice: Business Development

  • English Level: Native

  • Chinese Level: Never studied

My overall goals of participating in the Getin2China programme would be to utilise the theoretical knowledge and understanding that I have acquired over the past three consecutive years within my studies at university. Nevertheless I feel as though that this opportunity will develop my employability skills, sculpting me into an employee that has the ability to carry out work relative activates, within a productive and sufficient manner. I have a passionate drive for learning new things and thrive off defeating challenges that the business industry has to offer. My overall goal is to gain an experience that could possibly result in me being provided with a job, however on the other hand could also result in providing the business with an asset to the business being myself, as my drive would hopefully portray me as a suitable enough candidate to become a permanent member of the team.

I expect that the cultural attributes situated within China will provide me with a whole new perceptive on how businesses are operated, additionally I expect to progress within the business by dedicating my full attended time to my work relative activates in order to leave the business with a good impression of myself, which could possibly encourage the CEO to consider making me a permanent member of the team. I’m a willing and persistent individual who takes on every task given to me and would be grateful for the opportunity to do an internship in Beijing!

Hopeful Intern from England

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