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Intern Testimonial: Anna Setterberg

Although Anna Setterberg is looking forward to her internship in China at a publishing house in Beijing, she knows one particular challenge awaits.

“I always knew coming to China would be difficult for me as my appearance sends out a preconception that I should speak Chinese, when I do not,” says Anna, who is a Swedish citizen adopted from Anhui Province in south China.

“Furthermore, being adopted and having this be the first time to visit the country I think it will be an emotional and educative adventure.”

Image Anna Setterberg

The 21-year-old will intern at Alain Charles Asia Publishing Ltd for the summer before returning back to the UK to finish her studies in Business and Management at the University of Durham.

“I will be working toward publishing The China Business Handbook, an advisory travel guide about starting up business in/with China.

“I hope to enhance the previous knowledge I have of marketing, communications and research as well as develop new skills. This internship may help me realize what I want to do after I finish my studies too. I also wish to learn about China and the culture through a business environment.”

For Anna, there are a several advantages to doing an internship in China.

“Having an internship in a non-English speaking country makes the experience more exotic and not many people take that risk. Moreover, China has a largely untapped job market with great potential for international workers. I chose Beijing for the opportunities an internship there has. It opens a wide social network, broadens my access to jobs, while encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and become more independent.”

Anna says she chose Gi2C to help her find a placement because “The fact that it enables students to integrate into the cities and gives them a stepping-stone was important to me.”

Indeed, that’s exactly what we are, a stepping stone. Today, internships have become a premier way to securing a job in China. Internships have become the new “backdoor” into China.

In preparation for her internship program in China, Anna says she did some research and read a few books about China and the culture.

Her parents also had some advice.

“The first thing both said was that I was going to have a difficult time because of my appearance. Then they said that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I should not miss out on – and I agree.”
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