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Intern Testimonial: Tulio Puente

Tulio Puente has found himself in the right place at the right time.

Puente, from Monterrey, Mexico will do his China internship program at Novel-SuperTv, a telecommunications company in Beijing, and he’s looking to be of particular use during his time in the Middle Kingdom.

The company has intentions to expand their market to Latin America, due to the increasing opportunities and ties between both regions, so I will basically be a marketing research assistant to help develop strategies to increase their customer's agenda.”

Tulio Puente Tulio Puente

He says that the growing ties between Mexico and China (Chinese President Xi Jinping was in Mexico earlier in June with the aim of expanding ties between the two rapidly developing economies) will lead to “opportunities in the future for those with experience in the Chinese market or with language skills.”

The 21-year-old, who is studying Economics in Mexico and did an exchange in Hong Kong before coming to Beijing, already has an idea of his short-term plans.

“I hope to get experience in the Chinese business and develop a strong network with my work colleagues because I will like to continue my way in Asia after I go back to Mexico to finish my studies.”

Although some say Hong Kong is a world of difference from mainland China, Tulio believes time in Hong Kong was good preparation.

“As I was in Hong Kong before coming to Beijing, the cultural change didn’t shake me too much. I knew that the food was going to be different from what I am used to, but sometimes you just need to explore and taste the local cuisine and traditions to deeply get to know the culture, and I actually love it. Peking duck and Beijing’s hot pot are my favorites!”

He adds that he is “very excited about practicing my Mandarin with the people on the streets, although at the beginning it was hard because I hadn’t practiced for a long time, as in Hong Kong they mostly speak Cantonese.”

To prepare for the move to China, “I packed my Mandarin books and opened my mind to new experiences and challenges.”

An open mind certainly goes a long way when exploring a new culture, no doubt!

“My friends and family thought I was crazy at the beginning,” Tulio said when asked how his family and friends reacted to him leaving to intern in China. “They wondered how was I going to be able to adapt to such a different environment and culture so far from home, but of course they supported me as the knew that this experience will help me follow my goals and enjoy the different society and culture China can offer.

In the end, Tulio seems sure of one thing.

I am sure it is going to be worth it and I will be looking forward to come back.”

We’ll check back soon, Tulio. Good luck!
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