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Intern Testimonial: Siobhan Rehman

For Siobhan Rehman, her dream has finally come true.

“I've always wanted to come to China, so I'm glad it’s finally happened,” said the 21-year-old from Milton Keynes, UK, who recently arrived for her internship in Beijing.

“I’ve settled in really quickly, and I'm excited to get started with things! I've seen a few tourist attractions already and have made all my friends at home jealous, so it’s already a worthwhile trip!”

Siobhan, who just finished her second year of her BSc in Economics, Politics and International Relations, will do her China internship program as an English teacher at the New Power School in Beijing for the summer.

Siobhan at the Get in2 China office in Beijing

“I'll be mostly tutoring adult learners one on one, which will be good for my Mandarin Chinese language lessons, so I can see learning a foreign language from both perspectives,” said Siobhan, who will study Mandarin through Gi2C's Chinese language program.

How does Beijing compare to Milton Keynes?

“The town I am originally from and my university campus are both in the middle of nowhere and shut down after 7pm. Not in Beijing! Here you could go out anytime and there's something to do. I live quite central, so its no more than a 30 second walk to the nearest shop. The tube - sorry “subway” - is better than any public transport in England, and best of all things are so cheap!”

Back home, Siobhan was told to prepare for the worst in China.
“I was repeatedly warned about how different it would be here, and to prepare for a major culture shock, but to be honest there hasn't been one! I'm really excited and happy to be here, and I've settled in really easily thanks to everyone around. It's especially easy that a lot of signs are bilingual and people understand my terrible attempts at Chinese followed by mimes!”

The first thing Siobhan did upon arriving was head out to eat with her housemates. In a city like Beijing where the number of international restaurants is rapidly rising, Siobhan has a plan.
“I vowed to only eat local food while I'm here so, naturally, I used that as an excuse to get takeout every day! I've had mostly dumplings as they're the easiest thing to pick up with chopsticks - it’s now a matter of pride not to use the forks they keep giving me!”

What do Siobhan’s friends and family feel about her taking off to the Middle Kingdom?

"The internship came together so suddenly, and things work much faster here than in the UK, so they were mostly shocked!"

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