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Wish List: Letter From Switzerland

Dear Getin2China,

I’m looking for an internship in China! 


  • Preferred Duration: 4 Months

  • 1st choice: Marketing / Sales / Advertising

  • 2nd Choice: Communications / Consulting

  • 3rd Choice: Private Equity / Corporate Advising

  • Others: Business development, Supply Chain management

  • English Level: Native

  • Chinese Level: Never studied

  • Other Languages: French (native), Spanish (intermediate), German (intermediate)


I have obtained my Bachelor degree in Micro/Nano Engineering and I am now finishing my Masters degree in Global Entertainment Business. This consolidated education has provided me with a wide array of competences including analytical thinking combined with a creative business vision. During my studies, I have managed my time in order to be proactive and develop additional teamwork skills by working within student organizations. The student body in my class of the Master degree is an aggregation of people coming from 13 different countries around the world. This has been a great opportunity for me to develop efficient understanding and intercultural communication skills by working on a considerable amount of group projects. Being multi-lingual and sensitive to different ethnical backgrounds, I was often solicited for help by my friends and colleagues in various courses. I believe in bringing knowledge of intercultural environments to the company I will be working for. Growing up in England, accomplishing my Bachelor degree in Switzerland, and pursuing my Master studies in Spain, are all experiences that bear witness to this quality of mine, and to my fluency in English and French. Regarding my goals in participating in this program, I am passionate and wish to learn more about Chinese culture and emerging Asian markets. I believe East Asia is not only a region with tremendous potential for many industries but that it also offers long-term value development. I want to start my career in China and I believe that immersing myself in this culture through an internship of high quality is the first important step in achieving this goal. I am conscious that working successfully in China requires being fluent in Mandarin, therefore another important goal I have is to become a good Mandarin speaker.


My main expectation is working for a company that suits my values and fits to my profile. I strongly value and believe that culture exchange is a must for businesses to be successful and maintain a long-term development in the future. Since I have a broad knowledge of cultures and languages to offer, I expect as much in return from the company I will be working for. As I explained above, learning the basics of Mandarin is one of my main goals to achieve throughout this internship in China. As a consequence I would be more than happy to work with Chinese people to further enhance my interpersonal skills with the local population. I firmly think this is a very important step in order for me to learn the language efficiently. Being passionate about Asia, I am delighted to explore the opportunities of emerging markets within this region. Having been twice to China before, and having met and talked to many Chinese people in my life, I am convinced that living in China will be a delightful experience. The overall value I will get throughout this internship means a lot to me. I am eager to start!


I am a very flexible and fast learning worker. I do not have any particular requirements apart from the job being challenging and up to the level of my expectations described above. I am very thankful for the team working on this internship program and helping me start my career in China.


Can’t wait to start my internship in China!

Hopeful Intern from Switzerland
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