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Great Wall Trip

On a calm but slightly foggy Saturday morning, a group of 15 interns and Getin2China staff gathered outside the company’s office. It was roughly 7 a.m. and a few of us were groggy from going out the night before. But excitement was soon stirred because we were about to visit one of China’s – and the world’s – most impressive sights: The Great Wall.

There is a saying in Chinese: "If you haven't climbed the Great Wall, you are not a brave person" (不到长城非好汉). The saying is often used to stress the need to reach one’s goals.

After a two-hour bus journey, we finally reached Mutianyu, roughly 70 km from central Beijing, and stood before a portion of the majestic Wall.


After a brief discussion as to how we were going to climb and descend the Wall (there are numerous options for each), we decided on using a chairlift to go up and a slide to come down. Both options would allow us to see the historic Wall from a variety of views.

wall1 wall2

Although we chose to chairlift our way up, at some points we were forced to actually use our feet. Some steps were quite steep. After a few hours making our way up, we were happy to toboggan our way down, which proved to be enormously fun!


One thing to be sure of: Tackle the Great Wall and expect to work up an appetite! So, before heading back to the capital, we indulged in a lunch of 10 different local dishes at a restaurant nearby.


All in all, a good way to start a Saturday in China.
Intern Testimonial: Lionel Spencer Chow
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