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Intern Testimonial: Lionel Spencer Chow

If there’s one word Lionel Spencer Chow believes sums up Shanghai, it’s “captivating.”

I wanted to experience Shanghai,” said Lionel, a Malaysia native from Kota Kinabalu, who completed his China internship program at the Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics. “It is the largest city by population in the People's Republic of China. Besides, it is a global city, with various cultures and technologyFrom this, I wanted to seek a business opportunity in Shanghai for the future.”

Indeed, Shanghai is a city to watch. China has big plans for this metropolis and free-wheeling city to join the ranks of global financial capitals like Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, London and New York. Already, over two hundred thousand expatriates from around the world call Shanghai home, and that number is only set to swell as the city continues to make its mark on the world stage.

China Internship Program: Lionel Spencer Chow

And with websites like the Shanghaiist and iDeal Shanghai, you’ll always be kept up to date on events happening in the city and the latest news out of China.

But life in Shanghai wasn’t always a love affair for Lionel.

“I was having difficulty in looking for accommodations in Shanghai. Eventually I settled down in a hotel for a month,” says the 23-year-old

Finding accommodations on your own for a short-term stay is possible but more difficult, especially if your stay is a month long. At Get in2 China, we offer accommodations for one month in a high quality serviced apartment, which is ideal for those doing a short-term internship. You also avoid the hassle of looking for accommodations before arriving in China, leaving you with one less thing to worry about as you prepare  for your internship.

At the hospital, Lionel, who studied at the International Medical University in Malaysia, had a range of responsibilities from nursing recruitment to a managerial role.

“I got to observe and read the terms and conditions of recruiting nurses and to determine whether they were qualified. HR guided me about the process,” he says.

He adds, “I have spent a couple of days in the emergency department, the general inpatient ward and the operation theatre. Basically I observed the nurses' roles and how they perform procedures. [Additionally], I attended classes conducted by nursing educators and the personal development training department. The classes they provided were in catheterization, NG tube feeding, breast feeding and emotional intelligence.”

Oy! Sounds like quite a leaning experience!

But Lionel also has some bits of advice for those looking to do an internship in China.

“(You) need to at least speak and understand simple Chinese because most of the people can’t communicate in English. Get your accommodations settled way before you arrive in Shanghai” since many hotels and motels can legally only accept Chinese citizens.

Finally, says Lionel, “enjoy your internship!
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