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Wish List: Letter From America

Dear Getin2China,

I’m looking for an internship in Shanghai! 

    • Preferred Duration: 2 Months


    • 1st choice: Legal / Law


    • 2nd Choice: International Trade / Promotion


    • 3rd Choice: Travel and Tourism


    • English Level: Native


    • Chinese Level: Intermediate


    • Other Languages: Spanish

I have three goals that I would like to accomplish. One is to get some great and valuable experience in preferably a legal setting as a foundation for the rest of my career. I prefer a legal setting because I am in law school, but I am also open to other opportunities that might take me back to China. My second goal is to work on my international and professional network, so that I might be able to return to China long-term after I graduate from law school, or use my network connections to find employment elsewhere. And third, I hope to improve, as much as possible, my Mandarin speaking and writing ability. I have spent one summer in Beijing studying Chinese language; I have spent an additional summer traveling all around China, immersing myself in the culture and dialects; prior to studying in China, I studied Mandarin in the United States for three years; and I have a degree in Asian Languages & Literatures with a concentration in Mandarin. Yet still, I feel as though I have so much to learn. And the best way to learn, I have found, is to be immersed in the culture and country. I have a deep cultural understanding and reverence, but I hope to become fluent in the language someday. An internship will greatly assist me in this, and my other two (primary) goals.

My expectations mirror my goals very closely. With regards to the internship experience, I expect to get as much out of it as possible, whether it is a legal internship, an international trade internship, or a tourism internship. I expect to work avidly throughout the week, but also to be in a warm and accepting environment. While I am an avid worker, interning in a country and culture as distinct from my own as China will doubtless be a jarring task, at least at the outset. So I would hope that the environment in which I intern would accommodate some of my preoccupations. I also expect to expand my professional network, and would hope to expand it both internationally and locally. And of course I expect to learn as much of the language as possible.

Thanks for the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai!

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Hopeful Intern from America

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