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Wish List: Letter From The Middle East

At Get in2 China, we are so blown away by all of the letters we receive from talented, ambitious young people all over the world. As such, we have decided to introduce a new category on our blog - Wish List.

WishList Get in2 China

Each week we will post a "Wish List" letter sent to us from an awesomely inspiring internship candidate.

Want to see your letter posted on our "Wish List" ? E-mail us and you just may!

Check out our first "Wish List" letter from a hopeful intern residing in the Middle East:


Dear Getin2China,

I’m looking for an internship!

  • Preferred Duration: 3 Months

  • Preferred Location: Shanghai (上海)

  • My 1st choice: Media / PR / Events Management

  • 2nd choice: Journalism

  • 3rd choice: Marketing / Sales / Advertising

  • I'd like to get a full time job after my internship in China.

  • English Level: Advanced

  • Chinese Level: Never studied

  • Other Languages: Arabic, Hebrew

I have a lot of Chinese friends which has made me familiar with this culture and environment and my interest in interning in China has grown as a result. China has the largest impact on the world which has motivated me to get an internship in a country like China.

I want to utilize my professional and life experiences to secure a professional career with ample opportunity to tackle challenges and advance, while continuously building on my library of knowledge and skills. Being successful in a profession covers a lot of aspects. It doesn’t just mean getting a salary. Every individual who is in a profession should have career goals and some objectives that are over and above their day to day objectives of earning and working. Enhancement of skills should be a consistent and permanent activity on your side.

I hope to gain good experience and know more about how my field by working in China, and I hope I can learn the Chinese language which is going to be the second major language in the world in my opinion. Personally, I am always seeking to learn more about anything. My ultimate dream is to travel the world and to write a book.

Having a satisfying job, good working environment, nice colleagues, attractive pay and perks, some amount of authority and independence, avenues to advance… these are all things I’m looking for. I want to work in a healthy environment with a clear vision, mission, and goals. To be able to contribute positively along with team members, using the best business practices to minimize unnecessary waste, and to increase efficiency through clarity of the job tasks.

Thanks for the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai!

Hopeful Intern from Palestine
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