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Intern Testimonial: Kwame McDowell

“It feels like Christmas in February, and I can't wait to open my gift!”

Could you tell that Kwame McDowell is a bit more than excited to begin his internship in China? He’s enthusiasm is contagious!

A Miami native who now resides in Atlanta, Kwame, 38, is studying to become a master chef. He gets loads of practice working as a cook for a non-profit organization that feeds low-income families, the elderly and those with health and disability problems. He’ll do his internship in Beijing at a restaurant inside the US Embassy.

China internship program: Kwame McDowell

“I hope my internship experience will give me the extra knowledge I need to enter the culinary field and become a very successful chef. I also hope to learn from the simple mistakes that I’ll make as a beginner in a fast-paced restaurant kitchen.”

Working in China, Kwame believes, will boost his career ambitions in a couple of ways.

“I decided to try China because I wanted to work in a different atmosphere in which I’m not used to working. [And] I wanted to view and learn the Chinese technique of cooking and preparing foods, so I can have a broader take on my cooking skills.

“The culinary world is growing and becoming a very competitive world to work in, so I feel the greater your skills, the better your chances of success.”

Kwame says he hasn’t visited China and has no pre-conceived notions of the place, but “the opening day of the Olympics was one of the best I had ever seen!”

Many would certainly second that!

“I love to explore and try new things,” he says. “I must say this journey is of God’s grace, and not my own. So I’m hoping to learn lot of new things and grow in spirit, body, and mind – as well as in cooking techniques.”

In addition to refining his cooking chops, he’ll learn a bit of the language – Mandarin Chinese too.

“I think the language will be very difficult to learn, but I’m a fast learner with a high drive for success, so I don't think there is nothing I can't do once my mind is set on it.”

Gi2C Corporate Registrar offers Mandarin Chinese language program for four hours a week, so you can learn to talk-the-talk in addition to gaining valuable work experience during your internship program.

“I’m at the beginner level (so good luck to me!)”

Leaving home is never easy, and saying goodbye to friends and family is tough. We hear a range of family reactions from our interns. Some tell us their families were 100 percent supportive, pushing them out of the nest to explore the world. Others tell us their parents absolutely forbade them from leaving, especially to a faraway country with a vastly different culture.

“All of my family and friends are excited for me, but not really supportive like I would have wanted them to be. My daughter, who I love so dearly, isn't that happy about me leaving, but she understands what her father has to do for our future success.”
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