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Intern Testimonial: Christopher Adshead

Christopher Adshead’s time in China is winding down, and he’s about to head home to the UK’s highly competitive job market.

“My experience in China was a pleasant one, and I will really miss it when I leave. I enjoyed the Chinese culture and hospitality received by the locals and the activities you can partake with your friends (mainly going out drinking and having a good laugh).

The London native is finishing his China internship program at Topview Consultancy & Trading Ltd. in Beijing where he helps business clients enter the Chinese market. As an international business development manager, his day-to-day responsibilities include conducting market research for investment opportunities, drafting proposals for international clients on market-entry and expansion strategies, and liaising between businesses and participants during company meetings and events.

christopher adshead

The beauty of being in this job was that you were given the freedom to give your ideas and, more often than not, go out and bring those ideas to life. For example, I was able to lead and create a sports marketing report to help international clients understand the market and assist them with their marketing strategies. Right now, I am contacting the London Eye to help our clients sponsor the Ferris wheel.”

Christopher is returning home at a time when the economies of Europe are in the doldrums.

But he’s certain of one thing.

“I decided to come to China because I needed relevant work experience to get a good marketing job in the UK. In the UK, the job market is very tough and you really need to stand out to stand a chance of landing one of those great roles to develop your career.”

As we like to say here at Get in2 China: Forget fitting in. Are you ready to stand out?

“I gained so much that I am ready to head back to the job market in London,” says Christopher.

His internship wasn’t without any difficulties and cultural challenges.

“The first challenge is the work culture. The way things are done where I worked are different from Europe because in China you’re expected to know how to do your job and you’re the innovator of new ideas.

Another challenge was working alone.

“Not much is really said around my office, and that’s because everyone is extremely busy working on projects. You will be too. It may feel like you’re left on your own to do your project, but you will soon learn that it’s not bad, and you’ll be better and wiser for it.”
Christopher says he recommends Get in2 China because the company found him the “best match” for an internship before he arrived in China. From then on it was cake.

“I was picked up from the airport and taken to my new home, and then on the first day of work I was introduced to the team (and given) starter essentials (mobile chip card, map of Beijing) and then taken to my new employers.”

So, what kind of advice does this newly minted China expert have to offer to those looking to intern in China?

[M]ake the most of the time you have in China. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – you may never get to do something this fantastic again. Go see all the awesome attractions, make new friends, do many social activities, and work hard at your job.

“My time in China has gone around so quickly, I cannot believe (it’s over) and feel very sad to go. Make the most of your time, you will appreciate it in the future.”

Good luck in the UK, Christopher. We’ll check back soon!

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