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Intern Testimonial: Nichodimus Muriritirwa

For recent graduates, their first taste of the real world after university is often somewhere close to home. For the UK’s Nichodimus Muriritirwa, it’s China.

This accounting and finance major from Leicester will intern in China at China Accounting Service in the capital Beijing.

“I will be assisting in the preparation of end of month accounts,” said Nichodimus on his first day in Beijing. “I am also looking to get exposed to the pressure of working to meet deadlines and targets.”

Image Nichodimus with our program coordinator Vivi at the Get in2 China office in Beijing.

China continues to gain traction as a top internship destination, rivaling traditional heavyweights like London and New York.

China is a diverse and attractive country with one of the best economies in the world right now. It is also a major exporter of goods and services and that is why I chose to do my internship here.”

He says that he chose Get in2 China to find a placement because “they had all the links and networks to find me a suitable internship, and they had promised to arrange my accommodation and airport pick up.”

The Get in2 China Group offers two kinds of programs to suit your needs and budget. The first is merely an internship placement. We find you a suitable host company and assist in helping you secure a visa (anyone who wishes to work orintern in China will need a visa. Acquiring one is pretty straightforward and easy). After that, you’re on your own. This sort of program is ideal for interns who have previous China experience, who are already in the country or are looking to save some money.

The second and more popular is our “All Inclusive Program.” It costs a bit more, but comes with many additional services and perks, such as airport pick up, one-month accommodations in a serviced apartment, a welcome package – which includes a SIM card for your phone and a public transit card with credit, among other goodies – a city tour and more. This program is ideal if you’re looking to start your internship in China hassle-free. We make life easy, so you can spend the first couple of weeks focusing on impressing your colleagues at the office.

Life in China, says Nichodimus, should be “interesting” because he’ll live in a country where he doesn’t speak the language, but it’s an “adventure” he’s ready to have.

And to take on the challenge, he signed up for Mandarin language courses to help ease his transition into Beijing life. “I have never studied Mandarin before, and I think it's going to be hard to grasp it, but I’m eager to learn.”

“I keep an open mind about everything, so I will let China surprise me,” he says.

Good luck, Nichodimus! We’ll check back soon.
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