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Get Inspired! Zhang Xin Interview on 60 Minutes

On our Get in2 China Internship Blog, we talk a lot about China's historic, and miraculous, rise to economic prosperity. Just 30 years ago, China was almost completely shut off to the outside world, and consequently, outside investment. Now China has the world's second largest economy.

We like to talk about how China possesses a magical blend of the new and the old. We have learned about the leaders who have shaped China's recent past - the likes of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. But what about China's new generation of leaders? What about the individuals who are leading the way in terms of China's embrace of capitalism? Who are Beijing's biggest movers and shakers?

Zhang Xin is one of them.

zhang-xin-001 Zhang Xin

The world's youngest self-made billionaire woman sat down with 60 Minutes on CBS News in the United States and discussed her past as well as her thoughts on China's future.

The video clip, featured below, is an inspiring tale about the opportunities in China for those willing to work hard. Check out the video and leave us your thoughts about Zhang Xin and China in the comments section or on our Facebook Page.

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